12:17 am - 02/02/2018

Gugudan M Countdown Comeback Stages "The Boots" & "Lovesick"

Not all individual fancams have been uploaded yet (Haebin, Soyee, and Sally), smh at Mnet

sources: Mnet K-Pop 1, 2, M2 1, 2

at least Soyee and Haebin have more lines in Lovesick...
kidsalsa20 1st-Feb-2018 08:27 pm (UTC)
I really really like The Boots, and it’s a great follow up to A Girl Like Me (I don’t acknowledge Chococo) but it seems really backwards to have the song be Sejeong ft. Mina & Gugudan after the line distribution for AGLM was so even? I get that you have to capitalize on your most popular member especially in the beginning but what is the point of having 3 main vocalists and 3 lead vocalists if only one person is singing most of the song?
myungung 1st-Feb-2018 11:52 pm (UTC)
same here. I loved AGLM and the distribution (the switch in people singing the parts was great!). here it just feels very slipshod/last minute planning for this comeback to stay relevant it seems?
gathyou 1st-Feb-2018 09:54 pm (UTC)
The line distribution is SO BAD I think it's probably their worst? and the camerawork don't make it better either because it keeps focusing on Sejeong and Mina even when the lines were shared (a lot of the chorus sounds like they're all singing with someone different leading it) or when other members had lines. Uh I'm so sorry for the rant but I love this group so much! and they have awesome vocalists!!! JELPI STOP UNDERUSING THEM.
Still love the song haha I just needed a place to rant
I like the choreo too and the styling is AMAZING seriously they all look good

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myungung 1st-Feb-2018 11:50 pm (UTC)
tbh the choreography formations are terrible. Stick Soyee at the left and Haebin/Sally at the right, and bring them in centre when they have lines (Soyee doesn't even have the centre position when it's her part). They don't really move their formations?!
It feels like a very rushed comeback to me, especially for Soyee, since her lines aren't that many and she plays a pretty peripheral role here. HUGE SIGH
gathyou 2nd-Feb-2018 12:23 am (UTC)
Yeah I've seen the fancam video now and the formations are... not really involved with the song? or dynamic? Chococo had definitively more going on and changed who was center a lot (like Mimi had a lot of centers, she stood out). It's quite surprising that even Hana isn't at the center as often as she usually is lmao.
It's like they thought at the last minute "hey! Soyee has recovered we have to make some space for her right?"
Also poor Haebin, she was hyped at this great vocalist predebut but Jellyfish are putting everything on Sejeong as she's popular (she deserves to be popular) and Haebin... I hope she'll be able to shine more for the next comeback TT

Gugudan said that they were eager to come back as fast as they could so I think you totally have a point. It does look like Jellyfish really wanted anything before the Olympics so that Gugudan could have another comeback before the summer, and keep going with those singles until they're a little more relevant (which groups usually do in their first year but their activities were sparse for the two first years). And while I understand the strategy, I'm just sad that they weren't more attention put on choreography and line distribution (because we all know it's not because Soyee/Haebin doesn't sound good lmao it's totally the kind of track they can shine on).

I still love them! And I still love the song! I've been rooting for them for so long! Which makes it so much more frustrating lmao.
myungung 2nd-Feb-2018 10:47 am (UTC)
Me too, I follow gugudan news and their performances and perhaps that’s why I know they have the potential for more? So it’s frustrating to see them languish in this, and perhaps it might actually bring them more attention if they had spread it more evenly and if things were better planned? Idk but it feels like they don’t really have an identity yet.

Re Haebin, it’s such a pity because she definitely has the chops. And at debut she was involved in a musical so I assumed Jellyfish would be pushing her more too. Even though AGLM wasn’t focused on her, there was a chance to shine, and for almost everyone. I just hope that’s not their peak! Keeping fingers crossed for their summer comeback to be more dynamic 😔
onerainysunday 2nd-Feb-2018 12:58 am (UTC)
I love Sejeong but this distribution is really too much...I feel so bad for Haebin and Soyee who have amazing vocals and barely get to sing (if at all).

Also I find it interesting that Jellyfish is still pushing Hana so hard, almost at the detriment of Nayoung? Curious why they didn't send her to Produce 101 when she's a clear favorite of the company.
myungung 2nd-Feb-2018 10:50 am (UTC)
I’m also surprised that Hana is pushed so much, from visual to leader to centre. But giving credit to her she is visual material and she seems like one of the more popular members! Re produce 101, I don’t think she would have shined there because competition would be tough for her, because of the ‘idol type’ that she fits? I would have expected Mimi to be sent and gotten more exposure, but it’s probably due to their age that would have been their disadvantage
accioanime 2nd-Feb-2018 04:56 am (UTC)
Jellyfish needs a clear direction with Gugudan because its such a strong, very talented group with very solid vocalists and dancers but neither is being highlighted unless they are Sejong or Mina. The songs are hit and miss, like I love A Girl Like Me but their debut song and chococo is so bad. Their variety promotion is centered on Sejong, their drama actress person is Sejong, their main vocalist is Sejong. I love her but she is worked to the bone.

I honestly don't know the names of the other girls. They all need to go on variety as a team or send their strong vocalists to King of Masked or something.
myungung 2nd-Feb-2018 10:53 am (UTC)
Even their masked singer representative was Sejeong. Hopefully things will brighten up in the summer where there are more preparations for them?

They need to showcase their vocals and acapella prowess though, I think that’ll be a hit for them and it’s a niche not many groups have a hold on
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