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Mission The Boyz: Boyz-feed Unsolved

Aka the horror special we all needed

source: The Boyz

Someone please give the animator a raise
daynr 4th-Feb-2018 11:17 am (UTC)

My dear OP, I have long seen this userpic, where is it from?
(I know, google, but please be kind.)
torontok 4th-Feb-2018 11:29 am (UTC)
Boop. It's form their 2018 seasons greetings shoot
In thanks please stream Boy by The Boyz on youtube!
daynr 4th-Feb-2018 11:33 am (UTC)
I will! Tomorrow, when I arrive in Korea and have all the wifi. Thank you!


wait, what did I just watch? I think I need to try again, because what? and animation? but it was cute!

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hitthoselightz 4th-Feb-2018 12:59 pm (UTC)
me and my flatmate fell in love with them two days ago and we wanna know more

is there a primer about them? is there somehow a way to catch up with everything theyve done so far? are the like daily update twitters about them?

my fave is kevin and then i like haknyeon ofc, new, q, sangyeon and sunwoo
chasing_thewind 4th-Feb-2018 02:54 pm (UTC)
i don't know if there's a primer on here or anything :-//// but you can start by watching their predebut show, flower boys snack shop! that's how i got to know their names and faces and personalities.
slutdrop 4th-Feb-2018 03:42 pm (UTC)

I thought this did a great job!
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torontok PT24th-Feb-2018 04:51 pm (UTC)
[Profile Films]
Each of them has a 30 second profile film

There's also the Open The Boyz series slutdrop linked you above


^All these songs are from their debut album The First.

[Reality shows]
They have two currently.
Flower Boy Snack Shop (they ran a resteraunt)

Come On The Boyz (play games and stuff mostly)

They also have Mission The Boyz which are mini vlogs on their channel

Backtrack their Omona tag, I've posted most of their stuff on here

[Where to follow.]
Having trouble accessing twitter but they have various account. Their official twitter is Creker_The Boyz (they post in english a lot), their vlive and youtube channels are The Boyz and some good fandom account to follow are ZhuHaknyeon (does a lot of translating), itsjuyeon and The Boyz)_update

If you need any other info, lemme know
torontok Re: PT14th-Feb-2018 04:58 pm (UTC)
Accidentally deleted my other comment oops
To start with we have 96 liner Sangyeon who is the oldest and the group's leader. You may recognize him from Ailee's If You MV or Melody Day's You Seem Busy MV. He's one of the main vocals. He's the only idol to have a business operation license which he got for their reality show resteraunt. Dotes on all the members a ton and is voted the group's dad

97-liner Jacob from Toronto, Canada. He's the mom of the group and is the quietest member. He's a member of vocal line and also composes. Former kpop star 6 contestant

97 line Younghoon. You may recognzie him from I.O.I's Whatta Man MV. Did a lot of predebut modelling too. He was scouted while eating bread. Is a vocalist. Don't let the handsome face fool you, he's weird and cute af

97 line Hyunjae, aka another handsome weirdo. Great vocalist. Thinks he looks like Bart Simpson. Fried chicken enthusiast

98 line Juyeon. The one who never skips arm day.He's a main dancer. Really great cook. Also very funny. Good at basketball and also very naive.

98 line Kevin who you may know as Kevin Moon, a former kpop star 6 contestant. Vocal line member who also plays piano & guitar.He's from Vancouver Canada. Beyonce enthusiast.His parents name him after home alone

98 line New (aka Chanhee). Vocal powerhouse. Is super efficient at getting shit done since he used to work part-time a lot. Crazy mental math skills. Very deceptively cute

98 line Q (aka Changmin). Main dancer. Has a really long neck. Is an aegyo machine. Talks to himself a lot. He also used to introduce them in their predebut stuff by saying "Hi Q (cue)!'

99 line Haknyeon (stage name is JuHaknyeon). Ex produce 101 contestant. The oldest maknae but is babied by everyone else. His cuteness is deadly. He's mixed Korean and Hong-Kong Chinese.He does b-boying

00 line Hwall. His stage name means bow from bow and arrow. Insanely talented contemporary dance,r also raps and sings. Lived in the Phillipines for 4 years. Is cute af

00 line Sunwoo. You may know him from High School rapper. Sassy af maknae on top.Easily frightened. Haknyeon's #1 fan

and finally maknae Eric! He's Korean born but grew up in L.A. Very goofy and funny, ocne performed CPR on a smashed watermelon.Raps and sings. Also good at rubiks cubes

chasing_thewind 4th-Feb-2018 03:00 pm (UTC)
i would literally die if i had to film something like this. i got scared walking back last night from my roommate talking about footsteps. the captions are amazing for this though, and the boyZ are adorable as usual
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