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Hyorin & Taeyang Wedding Vol. 1*

* “Vol. 1” in the “GD&TOP Vol. 1” sense…we may see a follow up post to this, maybe not. Unlike other celebrity weddings, Youngbae and Eunran did not have a formal press conference or photo shoot with the media before the start of the ceremony. And even after a couple of days, most of the guests haven’t shared much. But there have been a few pics and vids out, so thought I’d share some now. Because once they all start coming out, I won’t be able to keep up. I’m already overwhelmed lol.

Jumping ahead to their first dance. Because Youngbae looks so happy, and Hyorin is soooo lovely…YES GIRL YOU TWIRL AROUND IN THAT GOWN LIKE THE DAMN PRINCESS YOU ARE.

We’re going to start this post off with this jam, because it must be played at every wedding by law. I’m forever the Vodka Auntie on the dance floor doing Rev Run’s part.

Back to Hyorin & Taeyang. BaeRin? Sunflower Couple? Daisy Couple? I've seen a few suggestions, but I guess none of them really stuck. Anywho...

All these videos are from different agencies and are all shot from different angles. Some guests you’ll see in more than one video. You’ll see Lee Sieon is almost every video I think, lol. There’s one video where the media and fans are all quiet and then Kang Hyejung comes into the frame and you hear gasps and “aww” and “unnie!” and it’s so cute lol! Haru is getting even bigger. Also, I’m a grown woman, but I still would like Sean and Hyeyoung to adopt me please.

Here’s a video after the ceremony with some of the guests leaving. Rohui is so cute! It looks like Eugene is that Auntie that takes home the décor after the functions lol. I mean, whose mom doesn’t take home the centerpieces?!?

A partial list of the guests that were photographed: Epik High’s Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz, Winner’s Mino, Seunghyoon, Seungyoon , Black Pink’s Lisa, Jennie, Rose, Jisoo , Se7en, Zion T, Dara, CL, Lee Hi, 1TYM’s Baekyoung, Jinu, Sean, Ki Taeyong, Eugene, Rohui, Kang Hyejung, Haru, Jung Hyeyoung, Lee Sieon, Song Oksook, Kim Yewon, Kim Bomi, Lee Jiah, Kang Sora, Ra Miran, Yoo Byungjae, Cha Taehyun, B1A4’s Jinyoung, Hong Jinkyeong, Chun Woohee, AKMU’s Lee Suhyun, Nam Bor, Kim Minyoung, Park Jinju.

A few hours later they held a reception. A freakin gorgeous reception!

When Hyorin and Youngbae walked into the venue for the first time. She’s so cute!

Seungri took a video of CL rehearsing

Youngbae singing the song he wrote about Hyorin, to her on their wedding day:

More of their first dance:

Guests pics:

Hyorin, come collect your husband:

Wedding gowns and suits by Oscar de la Renta, Jenny Packham, and Tom Ford. I'm going to guess his second suit was Tom Ford too.




Ahhh, nothing like spending hours on a wedding post to remind you of how alone you are. But I got some takeout pad see ew and I got a feeling a wedding ot5 photo is coming soon.

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