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Teasers for "Laughter in Waikiki"

"Laughter in Waikiki" is centered around the foibles of a threesome of friends who aren’t quite yet where they want to be in life but “dream of freedom” as they run a guesthouse together. At the center of the trio is “icon of misfortune” Dong-gu, played by Kim Jung-hyun, who dreams of being a film director and had some early success with short films, but the world has been tough on him and turned him cynical. His irrepressible friend Joon-ki (Lee Yi-kyung) dreams of being an actor but so far is stuck mostly doing extra work.

Sohn Seung-won is the third friend, Doo-shik, a “freelance writer who’s half-unemployed”. Altogether, none of the guys has had any luck in any of their endeavors, but hope that they’ll have better luck running the Waikiki guesthouse and be able to finance their own film project. But then a mysterious baby and single mother make their appearance, and kick off an unpredictable and comical series of ups and downs.

Jung In-sun plays single mother Yoon-ah, who arrives suddenly at the Waikiki guesthouse “like a lightning bolt” with her daughter. Yoon-ah is described rather cutely as full of energy but never quite able to do things properly; she’s got zero awareness and is so pure as to be foolish. She had her daughter at 25 and raised her on her own, and lives with an endlessly positive spirit. She takes on a part-time job at the guesthouse doing the cleaning, cooking, and laundry, giving us a “cohabitation that isn’t cohabitation” scenario.

Go Won-hee plays main hero Dong-gu’s younger sister Seo-jin, who aspires to be a reporter and is preparing to enter the workforce. Because she looks after the immature and lazy Waikiki boys, Seo-jin finds herself tapping into an inner nagginess “that wasn’t even in her fate” and is the de facto boss of the operation.

Lee Joo-woo plays the cocky but lovable Su-ah, a fitting model for an online shopping mall. She may act smart, elegant, and cool, but is actually quite gullible and naive, which gets her used and duped quite often. She’s our main lead’s ex-girlfriend, but I’m thinking she’s here to be paired with his buddy Sohn Seung-won, because she’s described as “a bear who’s like a fox” while he’s “a fox who’s like a bear.” (Basically, she looks sharp and wily but is actually rather simple, while he is craftier than he seems.)

Laughter in Waikiki premieres Monday, February 5 on JTBC.

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This looks ridiculous and I'm here for Three Men and a Baby kdrama style.
audiograms 5th-Feb-2018 11:41 am (UTC)
Right up my alley!
tsuyoi_hikari 5th-Feb-2018 03:15 pm (UTC)
I will be checking this out. Last time that Kdrama did Three Men and a Baby plot, I really like it. I thought Jae Hee was really natural with the baby. The baby is basically with him all the time. :D
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