2:20 pm - 02/06/2018

Seventeen - 고맙다(THANKS) @ CARATLAND

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source: seventeen

omg so many little choreo details that couldn't be noticed before...
also it's like pledis noticed that caratland fancams of the song were going around so they just uploaded their own haha

nisakomi 6th-Feb-2018 05:41 am (UTC)
the choreo for this is so incredibly good it's honestly a bit frightening. and they nailed the execution too, there's a part about 3/4s of the way through where it's like svt all learned modern dance or something.

i wish they'd given us a whole stage steady cam like some of the fancams because you miss out on some of the intricacies, transitions, and really beautiful background parts with all the close ups. promos haven't even started and i'm already really sad about how short this cycle is going to be since that means we'll have fewer stages of this :((( it rly deserves four weeks of music broadcast shows at least...
yoonjeonghan 6th-Feb-2018 06:39 am (UTC)
ooh which part is that? do you have a timestamp? :o
n i agree, there's a lot of choreo by groups out there that focus on like.. fast hard-hitting movements but it means nothing to me if all the members can't execute it. they only look sharp if everyone is putting their all into it, yknow?

i hope we get a steady cam! we probably will get a dance practice but it'd be nice to get one of this performance. i really loved the effects when they picked up seungkwan haha. i did appreciate some of the close ups though, especially with the pinky-promise move that they do. would not have picked that up otherwise!
nisakomi 6th-Feb-2018 07:30 pm (UTC)
at 2:53ish it looks like they're doing barrel turns haha

that's a good point! i remember seeing fanart someone drew of the hand position and not understanding what it was about until i saw the close-ups here
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