8:46 pm - 02/06/2018

정승환 - 눈사람, Jung Seung Hwan - The Snowman

Jung Seung Hwan is back with The Snowman, pre-track wrote by IU

Lyrics by IU

Song did quite well for few hours on korean charts:

Korean netizens seem impressed aswell:

Omona do you remember him from kpop 4? korea sure remembers him, song debuted on Top 5 of many korean charts
Source: Antenna Channel, 4seasonswithIU, jieunlui,radian_iu
sparkb 7th-Feb-2018 01:10 am (UTC)
The second part of the song tho... Hes amazing as always. I love his voice. The lyrics is soooo beautiful and sad :"
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