9:40 pm - 02/09/2018

Omona's Boyfriend (Jinyoung) and Block B's P.O. to star in Living Together in Empty Room

the show has been going on since last year, according to their wiki page.

sources: @biaswrckers94, @haetbitmark 1 2 via @b612_98 and @hhy6588

#MakeOmonaAhgaseAgain, step by step. sorry camouflagecat for stealing Jinyoung content from you.
epls6 9th-Feb-2018 10:24 pm (UTC)
I am curious to see them, I know PO and he is a sweet adorable guy so he will be nice with him for sure, I just don't know Got7 members to be able to figure out what kind of relationship they will have. So far all male partners had a cute bromance with PO cause he is shameless caring with everybody.

I would advice to anyone that don't know the show to watch PO's previous episodes with other roommates, they trully funny and cute, specially with the noonas and with Dara.
myungung 10th-Feb-2018 02:48 am (UTC)
I haven't watched this show before, but from previous variety shows that I've watched PO in, he's really adorable and he just makes you smile in those appearances? I actually like him in variety shows, and I think he'll be able to create fluffy moments among all 3 of them!
I also know that Mino is close to PO, and recently with Jinyoung, so it might make things easier between them two?
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