9:40 pm - 02/09/2018

Omona's Boyfriend (Jinyoung) and Block B's P.O. to star in Living Together in Empty Room

the show has been going on since last year, according to their wiki page.

sources: @biaswrckers94, @haetbitmark 1 2 via @b612_98 and @hhy6588

#MakeOmonaAhgaseAgain, step by step. sorry camouflagecat for stealing Jinyoung content from you.
daynr 10th-Feb-2018 03:18 am (UTC)
I so hope we get to see more real Jinyoung! I doubt we'll get lucky enough with Mr. modest to have him actually roll out of bed and chat with the camera for us, but at least let us have some not-perfectly controlled Jinyoung. Free Jinyoung! Show what a shit-stirrer he is! Show his humor! Make him not shave and ditch the boring Mr. Perfect outfits! Free the arms! And the peach!

I really hope we get a bit of him beyond his image. Come on Jinyoung, let me fully stan you again!
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