12:48 pm - 02/09/2018

AKMU's SUHYUN shows us what's in her makeup pouch! 💄

this is an excuse for a beauty post, tbh! what's in your makeup bag, omona? what are you lusting after from your local sephora, kiko, or shopping cart?

babyjenkski 9th-Feb-2018 08:58 pm (UTC)
All I have in my tiny girlbag that I carry with me when I go out are the ff:
Burts Bee's lipbalm
COXRX Clear Fit cushion
Maybelline concealer
Small sachets of Innisfree green tea foam wash & serum

I seriously love the lipsticks and lip gloss I see but none of these lip products lasts on me so I can't wear them =( and I've been wanting to try Benefit's eyebrow line but I don't know how to use them hahaha I tried following the instructions online but no luck. So if any of you can suggest a good and easy to follow tutorial, I'd love to hear your recommendations =)
giriboy 10th-Feb-2018 03:07 am (UTC)
have you ever tried putting a *little* foundation on your lips before lipstick? ik that works for some people. gloss is my fave just because it's easier to apply + i don't have to worry about it being super perfect. i've never tried benefit's stuff, tho... i was thinking of going to one of their brow bars because there's tons around me, i'd def pass on some tips !!
crystalheng 10th-Feb-2018 07:31 am (UTC)
Exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm before you apply make up. By the time you're done, the balm should be well absorbed by your lips. Then apply a layer of lipstick, cover your lips with 1 ply of tissue, dab loose powder over it. Apply another layer of lipstick, repeat the tissue process, then apply your last layer of lipstick.

It lasts really long especially with lipstick tints like Clio's Virgin Kiss Tinted Lips. I only need to touch up maybe once or twice throughout the day.
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