12:48 pm - 02/09/2018

AKMU's SUHYUN shows us what's in her makeup pouch! 💄

this is an excuse for a beauty post, tbh! what's in your makeup bag, omona? what are you lusting after from your local sephora, kiko, or shopping cart?

yixingsforehead 9th-Feb-2018 10:09 pm (UTC)
she's always so cute

hmm i try to rotate things in my bag, but i always have a concealer, brow pencil, lipstick on me. powder, eyeliner, mascara sometimes.

i'm still going with the saem tip concealer mostly, the only one i like better is nars, so i keep that at home. sometimes i bring the laura mercier pot one, if there is a chance i would lose some stuff...
for brow pencil i carry around the cheapest one from kate (i fail to notice any difference with anastasia.....and def better for me than benefit. only shu works better than kate for me, but ain't nobody's gonna carry that around.)
and then for lipstick i mostly just throw in something at random, tends to be nars dolce vita or laura mercier embrace, though.

for powder it's mac sheer and perfect. eyeliner addiction moss green or a brown one from mufe. mascara...whichever is getting old, i just carry it around for a while before i really need to throw it away. it's some bobbi brown one now, but it's quite flakey.

oh and re what she did with the remover... i don't like to buy packs of wipes, so i just get a small freezer bag, tuck some cotton pads in it, and then pour makeup remover in the bag, and close it. (doesn't count as liquid while flying yay) it gets soaked up well by the time i need them.
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