11:05 pm - 02/09/2018

Yang Yoseob - '`白` His Log : The Beginning' Tracklist

1. A Place Without You [title track]
2. Star
3. Latitude
4. Today
5. It's You
6. Heart
7. The Start
8. Yang Yo Seob

imo, Around Us should've released the tracklist once the comeback announcement came out

❄️ Comeback Announcement
❄️ 1st Batch Of Teaser Pictures
❄️ 2nd Batch of Teaser Pictures
❄️ Moving Teaser

Source: @ent_aroundus
yixingsforehead 10th-Feb-2018 05:34 pm (UTC)
okay, NOW i'm getting excited, cause i see some different producers compared to the last one.
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