12:20 am - 02/11/2018

The Unit boy and girl groups final results

The finalists of “The Unit” have been revealed.

On February 10, “The Unit” aired its final episode. The show will produce two project groups after it ends, Unit G (girls) and Unit B (boys), and 9 members were chosen through votes for each group.

Unit G

[Final 9]1. Euijin (SONAMOO)

2. Yebin (DIA)
3. NC.A
4. Yoonjo
5. Lee Hyun Joo
6. Yang Jiwon
7. Woohee (Dal Shabet)

9. Lee Suji

[Rank 10-18]10. Euna Kim

11. Jiwon (GOOD DAY)
12. Somyi (DIA)
13. Semmi (Matilda)
14. DanA (Matilda)
15. Shin Ji Hoon
16. Chahee (Melody Day)
17. Lee Borim

18. Yeoeun (Melody Day)

Unit B

[Final 9]1. Jun (U-KISS)

2. Euijin (BIGFLO)
3. Hojung (HOTSHOT)
4. Feeldog (BIGSTAR)
5. Marco (H.B.Y)
6. Ji Hansol (Newkidd)
7. Daewon (MADTOWN)
8. Kijung (IM)

9. Chan (A.C.E)

[Rank 10-18]10. Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

11. JeUp (IMFACT)
12. Donghyun (Boyfriend)
13. Hangyul (IM)
14. Rockhyun (100%)
15. Suwoong (Boys Republic)
16. Dongmyeong (MAS)
17. Seyong (MYNAME)

18. Lee Geon (MADTOWN)

Finale performances

All contestants - "My Turn"

Girls white team - “Ting”

Girls red team - “You&I”

Boys blue team - “Dancing With the Devil”

Boys black team - “글어줘 [Raise Me Up]”

Top 36 boys & girls - "Present"

Source: Soompi, theunit.kbs.co.kr, KBSKpop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Omona, what do you think about the results? What were the biggest surprises for you? Did you find any new nugu faves on this show?
Edit: Mods, I hope it's ok that I added performances from the finale!
myrrhcat 10th-Feb-2018 07:06 pm (UTC)
ugh i follow girlgroupzone on twitter and they posted the results with no spoiler warning, so here i am

i'm so so happy for yoonjo and yebin but i wish somyi and euna had made it. i also like most of the other unit g winners. maybe fantagio will let yoonjo rejoin hello venus... i can dream right?

edit: oh and the biggest disappointment of all is marco, holy fuck, i'm pretty behind on watching the show but at the point i left off it really looked like he wouldn't make it. damn it.
the only boy i really cared about was dongmyung so that's double disappointing. and wtf when did timoteo fall from #1? he was up there for such a long time (though i didn't really see the appeal) i can't believe he fell that far

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carmine_pink 10th-Feb-2018 08:00 pm (UTC)
Timo hasn't been no. 1 since the first eliminations, but he and Euna never left top 9 throughout the competition and surprisingly both ended up placing 10th.
rightclick5ave 10th-Feb-2018 08:16 pm (UTC)
Dongmyung's my fave too! but not too sad about him because RBW has some 'Gemstone' project thing coming up (https://twitter.com/rbw_i/status/961917813320372224)
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