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The Unit boy and girl groups final results

The finalists of “The Unit” have been revealed.

On February 10, “The Unit” aired its final episode. The show will produce two project groups after it ends, Unit G (girls) and Unit B (boys), and 9 members were chosen through votes for each group.

Unit G

[Final 9]1. Euijin (SONAMOO)

2. Yebin (DIA)
3. NC.A
4. Yoonjo
5. Lee Hyun Joo
6. Yang Jiwon
7. Woohee (Dal Shabet)

9. Lee Suji

[Rank 10-18]10. Euna Kim

11. Jiwon (GOOD DAY)
12. Somyi (DIA)
13. Semmi (Matilda)
14. DanA (Matilda)
15. Shin Ji Hoon
16. Chahee (Melody Day)
17. Lee Borim

18. Yeoeun (Melody Day)

Unit B

[Final 9]1. Jun (U-KISS)

2. Euijin (BIGFLO)
3. Hojung (HOTSHOT)
4. Feeldog (BIGSTAR)
5. Marco (H.B.Y)
6. Ji Hansol (Newkidd)
7. Daewon (MADTOWN)
8. Kijung (IM)

9. Chan (A.C.E)

[Rank 10-18]10. Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

11. JeUp (IMFACT)
12. Donghyun (Boyfriend)
13. Hangyul (IM)
14. Rockhyun (100%)
15. Suwoong (Boys Republic)
16. Dongmyeong (MAS)
17. Seyong (MYNAME)

18. Lee Geon (MADTOWN)

Finale performances

All contestants - "My Turn"

Girls white team - “Ting”

Girls red team - “You&I”

Boys blue team - “Dancing With the Devil”

Boys black team - “글어줘 [Raise Me Up]”

Top 36 boys & girls - "Present"

Source: Soompi, theunit.kbs.co.kr, KBSKpop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Omona, what do you think about the results? What were the biggest surprises for you? Did you find any new nugu faves on this show?
Edit: Mods, I hope it's ok that I added performances from the finale!
2cutelena 10th-Feb-2018 08:07 pm (UTC)
I’m beyond happy my bb Jun made it. Boy has so much talent (singing, raping -it’s decent idol rapping-, dance, acting, and variety), good personality, and tall and handsome to boot. So happy and hope this brings shine to him and Ukiss whom he’s so loyal to.

I’m pretty disappointed by the rest. I’m happy for Chan and Eunjii but I rage that Marco...fucking Marco made it but bbs JeUp, Rockhyun, Dongmyeong, Donghyun, Hanyul, Lee Geon, goddamed vocals did not. Seriously how did he remain but Kanto was voted out way early. I would keep 4 (Jun, Chan, Eunjii, and Kijoong) and drop and replace all these other dancers (okay Feeldog can stay) cause they ain’t that talented (seriously there are plenty who can dance as good and also sing) or they have zero personality (looking at you HanSeol).

For the ladies, I’m so sad Semmi didn’t make it and also Euna Kim. Other than that, wasn’t really interested in them and the either sexy or much too cutesy cute shit the show only gave them.

All in all I want my bb Jun to get some shine (I want them on Knowing Brothers and they will be invited to Hapoy Together right KBS) then pls pls do another drama. He was good in Social Club and held his own among my 3 queens. I need more acting Jun.

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2cutelena 11th-Feb-2018 12:19 am (UTC)
Funny enough, I find nothing impressive about Feeldog's dancing. Many idols can do what he does. Heck many on the show and in the final 9 can do what he does. When it comes to dancing it's like you said, they're all good and are above average (as are other idols) nothing stands out. All of them can do his popping and locking and American trend dances (dabs and shit) BTS and so many others are too damn fond of imho.
2cutelena 11th-Feb-2018 01:12 am (UTC)
At first I liked Hansol. Then by the third ep I was over him. Boy lacks so much personality and charisma. He can dance but he makes it feel so lifeless where you're right Feeldog (Euniji, Jun, Seyong, etc) brings life and stage presence (though his battle dance against Eunjii he should of lost cause shit was a mess and hype of name "best dancer Feeldog" won it for him.) The SM plastic surgery is strong in Hansol. He look so much like Luhan's baby deer in headlights plastic surgery aka always terrified lol. It's jarring.

Edited at 2018-02-11 01:15 am (UTC)
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