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A Mini (but media heavy) Soshi Roundup Post!!!

Soshi's dearest maknae performed for the Pyeongchang Olympics over the weekend, with North Korean counterparts.

She was also seen meeting the Korean leaders in the above mentioned twitter thread. There's also an article by Korean Herald on the performance and its impact/purpose.


Meanwhile, Sooyoung held her birthday party on the 10th with fans, and performed her rendition of Flashlight, Through the Night, and Wind Flower.

Queen of bottle flips too.


She also had an after party with some of her members (Yuri, Hyoyeon and Seohyun). Bless Seohyun for partying the night before and getting ready for a performance the next day. This is also the only time I find Yuri's hair cute. She really needs to grow it out after her drama.



Other noted guests were Hong Seok Cheon (who provided us with some hilarious clips of ITNW and Gee) and Vianney.

[Tiffany]So what were the other members doing? Tiffany is now at NYFW, and she recently got a tattoo.


It also seems like she's doing something for Lexus, and hanging out with Kehlani.

Yoona, the OG It Girl, also gained attention for helping to sell out items and clothes that she was using on Hyori's Homestay 2, detailed in the Soompi article below.

Girl’s Generation’s YoonA has proved her star power once again, as the items she used and wore on the recent episode of “Hyori’s Homestay 2” sold out after the broadcast.
On February 4, the first episode of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay 2” introduced viewers to the new part-time worker YoonA (a position previously held by IU). The episode covered the day before the bed and breakfast opened for customers, in which YoonA met Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon for the first time.

In the episode, YoonA shared, “I was thinking what new foods we could eat, so I bought a waffle iron.” She then made waffles using the machine to which Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon exclaimed, “It tastes like something you could sell. It’s delicious.”
After the episode aired, the vertical waffle iron gained a lot of interest and was one of the most highly-searched topics on portal sites such as Naver and Daum. As of February 5 at 1:30 a.m. KST, the waffle iron was sold out on online shopping mall Coupang. One netizen tweeted, “It’s already sold out on Coupang [an online retailer]… and the episode hasn’t even ended yet.”

The production staff addressed suspicions that the waffle iron was product placement on the show. The show’s producer stated, “It’s something that YoonA bought a long time ago and has been using, but she bought a new one to give to Lee Hyori recently. Even I ended up buying one after watching the show during the editing process.” Shortly after the broadcast, the waffle iron as well as its brand rose to the top four on a home appliance ranking list for a social commerce website.

The clothes that YoonA wore during the episode also gained a lot of attention. During another part of the episode, YoonA, Lee Hyori, and Lee Sang Soon went to pick tangerines at a tangerine farm in order to prepare juice for their guests. During this scene, YoonA appeared with a thick, white coat. Lee Hyori complimented her by saying, “It’s so white,” and “[Her face is so small that] it’s a 9:1 ratio to her body.” The coat, at the price of 399,000 won (approximately $367), quickly garnered interest and sold out; it was even nicknamed “the YoonA coat.” YoonA’s crew neck was identified online and became sold out as well, being sold at the price of 13,800 won (approximately $13).

I don't really know what the other girls are up to atm. Sunny and Hyoyeon have variety appearances coming up, Yuri is filming a web drama, Taeyeon was last heard having sleepovers with Yeri.

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woo, this was a lot of work. Omona, are you a delusional Sone like me too?
mewgical 13th-Feb-2018 07:33 pm (UTC)
I only pay occasionally after around six or seven shows I want to watch show up. Recently I watch them others ways though since I don't have any income coming it. >w> Just know Claire is the best. Trust me on this.

I want to rewatch a:tla, because I want to watch legend of korra (lol I know I'm way behind on things). and it's been awhile since I watched it. Yeah IA it is probably too bleak.

Yeah he plays Killgrave and man if he's your fave it may be a bit hard. Tennet's one of my faves too. He nails an [slight spoiler if you don't know anything about his character though you kinda guessed it] mentally and physically abusive rapist psychopathic sociopath role well. there were parts I didn't like. And it gave fans the wiggle room to woobify him, but it only happened because it was a very realistic depiction of an abusive person (ie the abuser makes the abused seem like they are the wrong one and fans took the mans side TvT). idk it was hard to see him like that

gathyou 13th-Feb-2018 09:06 pm (UTC)
I trust you :D

Ahhhh do it lmao it's just so cute! The first time I saw it I wasn't really focused on it but this time I'm really trying to look at the martial art movements they managed to put into animation (I used to do a bit of martial art) and it's sooo impressive. It's also one of the most clever child tv show I've seen I think.

I know it will, seeing Tennant acting broken/negative (sometimes a bit of an asshole too) on Broadchurch was already a bit wild to me lol [Spoiler (click to open)]I actually got spoiled about Jessica Jones because someone wrote a really long tumblr post about how Tennant's character was impressive (and hard to watch in their case, if I remember well) because he was written as an abuser with charming and/or pitiful moments, which is a part of many abusive relationships.

But meh even without the charming and/or pitiful moments, I'm sure a part of Tennant's fandom since his DW days would have still find ways to woobify him. After all, male villains easily find their fandoms (though Kilgrave didn't show up so much on my tumblr feed despite me following a shit ton of DW tumblrs, compared to other tv show villains).
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