5:31 pm - 02/14/2018

Poster for "Live" staring Lee Kwangsoo released

On February 14, tVN unexpectedly released the poster for its upcoming comedy-drama “Live.” The imagery of the poster features the two lead characters Yeom Sang-soo (Lee Kwang-soo, Han Jung-oh (Jeong Yu-mi), and three children effectively communicate what the tone of the show.

It has a friendly, pleasant, yet zany feeling encompassed through the worn-out expressions of the main protagonist wear while in the midsts of two mascot costumes and three kids. More, the precinct office in the background establishes the setting of the show.

Moreover, through this poster, tVN further breaks away from the notion that police focused dramas are serious and heavy. As a result of this unique take on a police-based drama, there is a lot of curiosity and anticipation building.

Meanwhile, “Live” will be tVN’s new Saturday drama and will take the timeslot currently occupied by the popular fantasy drama “A Korean Odyssey.” It is reportedly a series that explores the ups-and-downs of officers at the busiest precinct office in the nation. In addition to working on different cases, the characters also work to uphold their values during their everyday lives.

The drama begins airing on March 10.

source: KPopLove via Top Star News
we_rob_banks 15th-Feb-2018 03:09 am (UTC)
I feel so spoiled with two of my faves together.
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