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Jackson becomes the envoy of Hong Kong tourism, attends New Year's parade

Jackson Wang named tourism envoy for Hong Kong

Pop idol Jackson Wang, a member of the South Korean boy group Got7, has been named the Hong Kong Tourism Envoy by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB).

As the HKTB’s first tourism envoy, the Hong Kong-born rapper and dancer will promote the diverse tourism appeal, and the vibrant and unique travel experiences of his hometown to visitors worldwide. An appointment ceremony was held recently to celebrate this important role. Receiving the title from HKTB deputy executive director Becky Ip, Jackson shared with guests and members of the media his personal attachment to Hong Kong. Jackson also introduced to the attendees several of his favourite hangouts and places not to be missed.  The pop idol gave his blessings to visitors and the people of Hong Kong by showing off his calligraphy skills, composing hand-written couplets in Chinese and English.

“I am honoured to be invited by the HKTB to take up this role. As a tourism envoy, I can now play a part in promoting my beloved home and birth place to visitors from around the world,” he told the crowd.  Jackson will participate in a number of video and photo-shoots to complement the HKTB’s marketing efforts in promoting Hong Kong’s diverse and vibrant travel experiences. He will also be introducing to visitors in these campaigns some of the many exciting aspects of Hong Kong, including arts, entertainment, sports, outdoor activities, gourmet food and night life.

Jackson shared a video from his inauguration ceremony on Instagram:

Correspondent from Thai Rath TV, who interviewed Jackson before New Year's parade in Hong Kong posted about Jackson on her Instagram page:

  • cherrychanidaphaYou made me laugh so hard as I couldn't even get myself together during the interview 😂 Congratulation @jacksonwang852g7 for being the first Hong Kong tourism envoy ever appointed by Hong Kong Tourism Board! 🎉 I'm certain that Hong Kong tourism will be consistently blooming yet growing for this year and beyond due to your incredible personality; talented, outgoing, energetic and warm-hearted, which will create an unprecedented understanding between Hong Kong and other countries. Thank you Jackson for taking your time to be my interviewee. You’re so funny and very 靚仔 (Jackson pen kon ta-lok) You make my first time stay in Hong Kong even more memorable. This surreal starstruck will never be forgotten.
    Stay put for this exclusive interview on ThairathTV32.📺 Don’t miss!
    Thank you a million time to @discoverhongkong for filling me in this spectacular festival ❤

Part with Jackson starts around 3:00, it's in English.

Part with Jackson starts at 1:10, it's in English.

Jackson's Weibo Update

Promotional photos:

Jackson on Fantastic TV's Entertainment News

After the parade Jackson shared a video on his Instagram page:

For the first time since 2011, Jackson was able to spend Chinese New Year with his family. Staff from his studio also joined Jackson and his parents:

Jackson was also able to celebrate his father's birthday with him in Hong Kong:

Jackson (Wang Jia Er), the Hong Kong member of the Korean boy group GOT7, debuted as a solo singer this year. Jackson recently returned to Hong Kong for a fan meeting and accepted an exclusive interview with Apple Daily to share his thoughts on making music and his views on love and dating.

This year, Jackson released solo songs “Papillon” and “OKAY”, and he took care of both the composition and lyrics, but Jackson did not feel that that was tough. Instead he felt that the filming of the MV was the most difficult: “When I compose my songs, I already have the theme for the song in my mind. The most difficult part is how to turn this theme into a MV and how to realise the concept in my mind. The most difficult is to find a MV director who knows me and understands me, but I have already found (the ideal MV director). ”

When talking about the MV for the song “OKAY” where there were many scenes of him exposing his skin, Jackson said initially there were more scenes like that, but he felt that it was too much and re-edited it to tone it down. Jackson who had to eat out all the time but had to show his figure in the MV, he said that he had no particular way to keep fit, and it had always been like that. He said that he was usually so busy that he had no time to exercise, and that detoxification was more important. But the week before he released any pieces of work, he would pay attention to his diet.

Jackson treated his creative work as “his own son/daughter,” so he insisted on taking care of the entire production process himself. “(The song) is something created by me, it has my soul and it will stay on in this world forever. I cherish it very much.” However, Jackson was open to working with other singers and thought that he could ignite sparks working with different people. He wanted to work with American singer Omarion the most.

Jackson promised to release a Cantonese song in the future. Although making a Cantonese song was difficult, but it would not hinder his determination. Jackson was very secretive, and insisted on not disclosing when it would be released and said that he wanted to give everyone a surprise.

Jackson who had been constantly making music hopes to hold a solo concert within 5 years, and if he had the chance to come back to Hong Kong for a concert, Jackson would most like to invite Bob Lam as guest. “I hope that in the future, not only for a concert, but someone whom I would like to get in touch and interact with is Bob Lam. Something that people don’t know about, and only my Dad knows, when I was very young, I called in to the radio and said that I wanted to be a celebrity. At that time it was Bob Lam’s programme so I want to tell him about this incident.“

Jackson who is really close with his parents, when he was composing, he would always let his Mum listen to it first. He praised his Mum and said that she actually knew music very well and gave very useful advice. However, Jackson had his own views when it comes to matters of love and when choosing his other half, he did not care about nationality. “Does not matter when it comes to love. Age does not matter, nationality does not matter, size does not matter. All these do not matter. If we are compatible then we are compatible.” He also said that his Mum would not be able to object, because it would be his own partner and others had to respect his decision. In the future when he dates or gets married, Jackson promised to be open to the fans, but repeatedly stressed that he was too busy now to have time to date, and that he even had to work this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

When it comes to acting, Jackson said he was very interested, but he had to wait until he understood it and when he was ready. He also said he preferred roles that involved martial arts and police roles. At the end, Jackson said that he hoped to return to Hong Kong more next year, ”I will definitely return if I have the chance. I always thought that I grew up here and I want to have more activities in Hong Kong.”

Other photos from interview with Hong Kong Daily:

Jackson recommends places worth visiting in Hong Kong, talks about being appointed as envoy of Hong Kong tourism and dating.

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smilla_sini 23rd-Feb-2018 09:39 am (UTC)
Wow, that's a very long post. :)) Thank you OP, it's very nice of you to compile such an informative post.
He works so much it's crazy. Glad it's being recognized!
22_taken 23rd-Feb-2018 10:06 am (UTC)
Thank you :) I thought it was a pretty big achievement for him and decided to make a post about it. He got so much attention because of it. There were many photos and videos I couldn't use (the post would be even longer than it is now).
tjmok125 23rd-Feb-2018 10:04 am (UTC)
Hong Kong def isn't lacking on the tourism department but it's still an honor so get the coin I guess. Which part of hk is he from? I remember reading he grew up poor but I could be mistaken.

Half of hk its glitz glamour and expensive shops and restaurants while the other half is underdeveloped, poor, and forgotten. Ironically its the part where native Hong Kong people live that's neglected(in Hong Kong the number of "expats" aka rich white men doing business is more than the actual number of Chinese who live here because it's too expensive). Hopefully with his platform he can bring more attention to this.

Edited at 2018-02-23 10:05 am (UTC)
22_taken 23rd-Feb-2018 10:22 am (UTC)
He lived in Kowloon Tong before moving to Korea to become a trainee. He has never mentioned where his family lived when he and his brother were children though. It's true that he said his parents were struggling, his mum had health problems because she worked a lot, often didn't eat properly.

He also said he became the hard working person he is now because his parents were always hard working people and pushed themselves to the limit. His mum doesn't work anymore because of health problems, but his dad still works as a coach (now for a paralympic team).

You're absolutely right about the other side of HK not being mentioned enough.
mortkero 23rd-Feb-2018 10:23 am (UTC)
Jackson is a hard worker, but he is very corporate friendly, he will not do or say anything that would go against big business agenda I doubt he will highlight any negative issues.
mortkero 23rd-Feb-2018 02:58 pm (UTC)
Jackson is a hard worker, but he is very corporate friendly, he will not do or say anything that would go against big business agenda I doubt he will highlight any negative issues.
mortkero 23rd-Feb-2018 08:35 pm (UTC)
Jackson is a hard worker, but he is very corporate friendly, he will not do or say anything that would go against big business agenda I doubt he will highlight any negative issues.
daynr 23rd-Feb-2018 09:56 pm (UTC)
I heard that he came from money, because of the cost of his private schooling? I definitely believe his parents worked, though, to fund school, etc., for their kids.
goshipgurl 23rd-Feb-2018 02:02 pm (UTC)
I love his stupid laugh sfm

Can we talk about the outro of the last video for a minute, is that dog... Pooping?
mikachi613 23rd-Feb-2018 03:16 pm (UTC)
Get that money bb!

He seems like such a genuine and humble person, and he clearly got a great work ethic from his family. It's nice that he got to spend some more time with them, especially since CNY is such a huge deal over there...I couldn't imagine not spending Rosh Hashana with my family for that long!
myungung 23rd-Feb-2018 04:52 pm (UTC)
thanks for the massive picture post OP!

It's great seeing him represent HK, and to see him beaming. and if I'm not wrong, as much as the lunar new year is important, to perform during this period is a great achievement too, considering many stars used to (I think now they still do, but I don't follow it that much now) get paid big bucks for performing during the festive period.
daynr 23rd-Feb-2018 09:54 pm (UTC)
that looks like a lot of work OP, thanks!

Also, I'm horrified by a couple of things in this .... basically (1) that he hadn't been home for Lunar New Year since 2011, and (2) that he was truly behind his solo songs, writing, composing, and themes. JACKSON, HIRE A LYRICIST AND PRODUCER. You need musical help, doll.
22_taken 24th-Feb-2018 06:04 am (UTC)
Yes, foreign members usually spend Chinese New Year in Korea, I think Mark was in LA once? after debut. Jackson's MVs were also funded from his own pocket, I thought everyone knew that he did everything himself? He seems to love what he created so I don't think he feels he needs help lmao. In the lastest ep of Idol Producer trainees fought for Papillon the most, Papillon team also got the most points. It won't make him change his direction I think 😂

He filmed a new MV in Thailand at the end of 2017, but it hasn't been released yet. He said it was a song for summer, with a different concept than his previous MVs. He's also worked on a ballad recently and promised to release Cantonese songs.
daynr 24th-Feb-2018 06:11 am (UTC)
I knew he had funded it all and it was all his own project, but I keep willing myself to forget how involved he was. He's so likeable, and cute, and apparently has shit taste. It's proof that everyone has a flaw.
Thanks for the recap on his activities though.
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