12:11 pm - 02/24/2018

Omona's Pick: Best of Day6 Impromptu Songs from VLive

If you weren't already aware, Day6 spent the year of 2017 churning out two songs, a MV, and two concerts every month for their Every Day6 project. You might think that was enough for the band to take on, but no, it wasn't!

In addition to their official songs and compositions, Day6 also took on the added task of letting fans write lyrics and coming up with songs for them. As part of their Day6 Composer, You Lyricist series on VLive, Day6 would come up with a theme for fans to write lyrics around. Then, they would take those lyrics and come up with a self-composed song on the spot. While none of these impromptu songs have seen official release yet, there were truly some gems that came out of this exercise. Check out of some of my favorites their best songs below!

Jae: Coffee and Better Days

Sungjin: Let's Walk Together Until the End

Young K: Do You Remember

Wonpil: I Think I Miss You

Dowoon: Mosquito

Day6: Don't Go

Bonus: Jae - YoungFeel

Sources: My Kilogram 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

There were so many other good songs I left out TT__TT (like Wonpil's "You're My All") Omona, which songs do you want to hear full-length studio versions of? Do you already miss these talented kings like me?
shuumi_miss 24th-Feb-2018 11:59 pm (UTC)
They are so good, lol. I wish I could know what the korean ones say, tho.

TBH, I really miss having two new songs per month. We were too spoiled last year u_u
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