5:28 pm - 02/26/2018

🚨K-Pop Emergency🚨 GOT7 bring back the 'Just Right' concept in latest teaser

source: GOT7Official

we did it kids!
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showminomoney 26th-Feb-2018 03:45 pm (UTC)
they look so cute and happy!! i'm excited now!
giriboy 26th-Feb-2018 03:56 pm (UTC)
they’re back!! youngjae looks so cute in this teaser 💕
goshipgurl 26th-Feb-2018 04:01 pm (UTC)
Didn't they hate the cute and fluffy concept
slutdrop 26th-Feb-2018 04:06 pm (UTC)
Evidently. But they hate not having a hit more
sacryde 26th-Feb-2018 04:09 pm (UTC)
My friend recently got me into these guys so I'm super excited to experience my first comeback of theirs while I actually know their names lol.

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chaehocheol 26th-Feb-2018 04:11 pm (UTC)
Yes, now let’s pray it’s as big of a bopping crowd pleaser as Just Right was.
ohlookshiny 26th-Feb-2018 04:16 pm (UTC)
... i’m interested
avrgaesthetics 26th-Feb-2018 04:22 pm (UTC)
just right remains my favorite single so i'm optimistic.
ironicmustache 26th-Feb-2018 04:25 pm (UTC)
i had fully given up on them but this is kinda pulling me back a little bit?
slutdrop 26th-Feb-2018 04:28 pm (UTC)
They're trending worldwide on twitter after this teaser, it's too powerful
daceymormont 26th-Feb-2018 04:28 pm (UTC)
thank you god7 for delivering the superior concept
camouflagecat 26th-Feb-2018 04:33 pm (UTC)
I was thinking it reminded me of a mix of A and You Are with a Just Right mood. I'm very curious to see if it's anything like that.

Not super excited about the graphic design, but the photo aesthetic is very nice.

Edited at 2018-02-26 04:36 pm (UTC)
iftheshoefits88 26th-Feb-2018 04:46 pm (UTC)
Loving your user pic!!
iftheshoefits88 26th-Feb-2018 04:44 pm (UTC)
Jinyoung looking like a perfect prince as always. Im excited for this comeback and for their concert in July!!!
yxerin 26th-Feb-2018 05:30 pm (UTC)
the pic gives me a bit of a retro vibe so i'm in
daynr 26th-Feb-2018 05:44 pm (UTC)
They're so cute! I'm so happy, I love that song with it's wonderful message.

I hope that now that they're all adults they can bring the cute and fun and SEXY. I mean, you can't hold back the JB sex, but I hopefully Mark and the rest of the Korean line have learned some low-key smoulder too.
snowyirees 26th-Feb-2018 05:53 pm (UTC)
Wait why are people thinking it's Just Right-esque? Because it's a bright concept? Even though they (-Mark) didn't enjoy Just Right as much because of the overly cute vibe (though let's be honest, they pull it off better than any 3rd generation group), they didn't say they are averse to a bright concept in itself.
Considering their last magazine interview, the Gayo performance that left everyone and their mom shook, and the fact that JAEBUM co-wrote this, this is gonna a more playful version of Teenager.
I'm here for it.
camouflagecat 26th-Feb-2018 06:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I don't get the Just Right hype either. This feels more like You Are-ish except they're all very happy in the teasers this time around lol.

Prayer circle it's another Teenager-esque bop!
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