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Get to know Golden Child: Golden Movie + big video round up! (ENG SUB)

Golden Movie

AKA drama version of their MV. Seungmin and his friend Dabin film Bomin & the boys training to have super powers at highschool for their youtube channel. It's cute!

Golden Movie behind the scenes:

The 1st episode is so cringy lmao. They start with their acting experience (or lack of) and try to remake a drama scene.
The behind the scenes really starts with the 2nd episode, they talk about the movie plot, then film themselves during the shoot.

=> EP01 | EP02 | EP03 | EP04

Bonus: It's You Reaction Video (some movie spoilers).

Interviews on Youtube :

[Show Champion Behind]Show Champion Behind

Mostly standard questions. I'm adding this for Inspirits as Daeyeol is asked about Sungyeol!

[Arirang Pops In Seoul]Pops In Seoul

Reading their profiles. Full of random facts, weird sounds and even air kendo.

[Arirang Radio]Arirang Radio

Not subbed but the host translates as it goes. Donghyun is missing because he was graduating that day. Jaehyun speaks a bit of English.

[Idol Identification Center - EP01 abd EP02]Idol Identification Center - EP01 & EP02

The boys complete ridiculous tasks in order to be certified Idols. Spoiler: it's a mess.

[News.ADE - Part 01 and 02]
News.ADE videos

Part 01: Messy dancing.
"It's U" but they switched dance positions. Spoiler: again... it's a mess.

Part 02: Cringy acting.
Now the staff makes them act cringy lines. Jibeom is Golcha's by-default girlfriend.

Subbed VLive selection :

[Lunar New Year VLive]
Lunar New Year VLive

Playing traditional games, subbed on youtube.

[Global VLive Rookie Top5]
Global VLive Rookie Top5

Regular, long and chill interview about their 6 months of activities, goals for 2018, etc. They close the vlive by performing their ballad "All Day", with a surprise for Jibeom at the very end.

Click on Jibeom or HERE.


No need to introduce LieV by now!

Click on the boys or HERE.

[Tardiness Prevention VLive]
Tardiness Prevention VLive

Apparently a new VLive segment? Golcha shows up at a girls school the day before graduation as a surprise.

Click on Daeyeol hiding (that's how you hide?) or HERE.

[Snapshots Season 02]
Snapshots Season 02

Really short vlive videos, all subbed on this youtube channel

Watch the rest : on VLive (where some are subbed in Spanish) or on Youtube (English)

[Theres no word]
There's No Word

So... vlive videos without any spoken word or music. If you want to see Bomin sleeping or Youngtaek exercizing in silence, enjoy!

=> Y | Donghyun | Jibeom | Bomin | Jaehyun | TAG

VLive : Golden Child Channel
Youtube channels: Woolliment, Eunnyiifnt (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Arirang K-pop + Radio, 1theK (1, 2), Krystellaris.

Omona, if you're looking for another cute boy group, pick them! There are also two vlive variety shows and a bunch of subbed content for the previous era: Woollimpick of course, Ring It!, etc, but I focused on 2018.
Did you like the Golden Movie? Who's your bias?
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