4:02 pm - 02/28/2018

The Return of Superman Ep 213

KBS uploaded this week's episode in segments.

This week's episode of The Return of Superman is titled, 'That Makes a Family'. To celebrate the new year, Hwijae and the twins meet with the people close to Hwijae and exchange heartwarming greetings. Jiyong visits Yeonnam-dong with Seungjae and has an eventful day. Donggook, his parents, and his children visit the graveyard of Donggook's grandmother and savor the love of their family. Sam takes care of the two sons by himself for the first time and realizes the hardships and the joy of raising the children.

Seoeon & Seojun

Sua, Seola, & Sian

William & Bentley


I only watched a few scenes so far. William is getting so big! Talking all the time now. And Seungjae is so bright and cheery! I couldn't stop laughing at them rushing back to the restaurant. And gimme ALL the cilantro.

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myungung 1st-Mar-2018 02:16 pm (UTC)
Oh ma gah the greetings video is so adorable?! I love everything in this video
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