goshipgurl (goshipgurl) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

(TW) Member "N" of famous Korean band accused of sexual harassment #MeToo

The #metoo Movement has hit the Korean music industry.

According to a report from Naver, Member "N", a drummer of a famous band, reportedly forced a traditional musician to take off her clothes multiple times in places like the practice room. She states in her most recent occurrence that "N" asked her to take off her clothes. He was also holding a cell phone. She said she didn't like what's going on but he said things like: "Just for 5 seconds... or 3 seconds... you dont want to?".
"N" is unreachable right now because his phone is off.

Comments in the articles are stating "N" is likely from an older band and/or middle-aged. "N" wears glasses and is bald so highly likely that "N" is not an idol.

sources: @oh_mes 1, 2, @balloon_wanted 1, 2, naver
Tags: sexual harassment / sexual assault, trigger warning
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