12:59 pm - 03/01/2018

Idol Producer/Broduce China: EP 5+6 (mentor cuts + current ranking)

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Current ranking (after EP 6) of the boys that have been active in K-Pop before

2 - Justin / Broduce Korea (⬆️ 2 spots from last EP)
4 - Zhu Zhengting / Broduce Korea (⬆️ 1 spot from last EP)
12 - Qin Fen / The Legend's ROI (⬆️ 1 spot from last EP)
54 - Liang Hui / 24K (⬆️ 6 spots from last EP)
OUT - Yu Bin / M4M

Cheng Xiao cut (EP 5)

Kyulkyung cut (EP 5 & 6)

Lay cut (EP 5 & 6)

Jackson cut (EP 6)

sources: youtube Cosmic Girls WJSN, taq, xingpark, spread sheet made by Idol Producer Discord, Jiaer Subs
blck_ink 1st-Mar-2018 07:22 pm (UTC)
i can't believe how much i love this show haha!!

i'm so happy we were finally able to see the boys give a performance with the skills they're good at (minus the few poor people who couldn't choose) cause the past episodes didn't really show us anything exciting.

i really liked the shadows teamwork and how they supported eachother! zeren really shone as the center as well as their leader who really did a great job. i just hope he takes care of his health cause seeing him collapse like that cause that was scary!

artist was cute! i love how comfortable they were on stage. i just wish xiao gui would change his hair. am i the only one who just can't imagine zhu xingje in a boyband? i feel like his presence would take over the entire group lol.

i skipped through qin fen's group performance cause the cringe was too real..

vocal team were a cute group together. i love zhangjing and they should just let the boy eat, lol. i was actually surprised by nongnong's rank but to be fair he deserved it. he's a very cute kid but if you compare him to his team members obviously was the weakest one. han mubo should've been second tho.

certain people have definitely caught my eye (like fan chencheng for example) and i already know i'll be a crying mess at the end of it cause i just want them all to succeed 😭😭

this si me nitpicking but can they please do something about the autocue. lay be reading everything from his script

i obviously have a lot of feelings about this 😂😂
pseudo_shigure 1st-Mar-2018 07:29 pm (UTC)
i actually downloaded the iqiyi app, made an acc, and vote every night for my kids. that's the reality of my life rn.
yuujinchous 1st-Mar-2018 09:35 pm (UTC)
best part of this episode was zhu zhengting answering "fan bingbing" when asked about which actress he would want to act with in a romantic movie lmaoooooo fan chengcheng's FACE and everyone else just totally losing it cracked me up soooo much!!

i'm not sure why cai xukun went for rap when i think he would have done much better in a dance team. i feel like he is kind of a jack of all trades, he's pretty ok but not super good at anything in particular. i will say that his stage presence is one of the strongest among all trainees but other than that, idk. he's very lucky to have started off with a strong fanbase in the first place, that plus his immense popularity among voters will definitely get him into the final group but he seriously needs to work very very very hard.

i feel like i'm the only person who can't seem to warm up to chen linong lmao i thought his ranking within the group was justified, he was definitely the weakest. you could tell by his face how little he expected that to happen adhfkjhdfjkg. anyway i think he needs to work on his stage presence the most. and on his facial expressions because some of the faces he made during their stage left me a little hmmmm lol awkward

idk what to think of zhu zhengting either. i have a lot of faves but right now i'm rooting the most for zhenghao ;;;; do your best my small child
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