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Idol Producer/Broduce China: EP 5+6 (mentor cuts + current ranking)

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Current ranking (after EP 6) of the boys that have been active in K-Pop before

2 - Justin / Broduce Korea (⬆️ 2 spots from last EP)
4 - Zhu Zhengting / Broduce Korea (⬆️ 1 spot from last EP)
12 - Qin Fen / The Legend's ROI (⬆️ 1 spot from last EP)
54 - Liang Hui / 24K (⬆️ 6 spots from last EP)
OUT - Yu Bin / M4M

Cheng Xiao cut (EP 5)

Kyulkyung cut (EP 5 & 6)

Lay cut (EP 5 & 6)

Jackson cut (EP 6)

sources: youtube Cosmic Girls WJSN, taq, xingpark, spread sheet made by Idol Producer Discord, Jiaer Subs
Tags: 24k, cosmic girls, jackson, lay, m4m, overseas activities, pristin, produce 101 alumni, tv shows
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