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Previews for "Children of a Lesser God"

"Children of a Lesser God" is a crime thriller that features two police detectives as our leads, but it’s not a straight crime procedural; there’s also an eerie supernatural vibe. The drama pairs its two leads as opposites who become entangled in a mysterious plot involving a shadowy crime organization, and what ensues is a thrilling case that blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

Kang Ji-hwan is the elite detective who believes in facts and forensics and evidence, who possesses intuition so keen that he earns the reputation for being a human lie detector. Kim Ok-bin, on the other hand, is a detective with the extrasensory ability to feel and experience a victim’s death: When she hears the bell ringing that nobody else can hear, she becomes possessed by the victim and is able to collect pieces of memories that provide clues in the case.

Children of a Lesser God premieres on Saturday, March 3 on OCN.

Sources: Hallyu Global 1 2 3 | Dramabeans/iMBC/Sports Chosun/My Daily
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