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Previews for "Grand Prince"

“Grand Prince” will tell the story of two brothers of the royal family who fight for the love of one woman. The script will be written by Jo Hyun Kyung, who wrote the modernized period drama “Maids,” and directing the drama will be Kim Jung Min, who has worked on productions like “The Princess’s Man” and “Gunman in Joseon.”

Yoon Shi Yoon will play the role of prince Lee Hwi, a man of great beauty and artistic skills who also possesses an inner strength to protect the woman he loves. Jin Se Yeon will play Sung Ja Hyun, the most beautiful woman in the Joseon Dynasty who wants to find her own path to love rather than do what is expected of her. Joo Sang Wook will play the older prince Lee Kang, who is an ambitious and ruthless figure who would even be willing to kill his younger brother to get the attention of the woman he wants.

Along with the main trio of characters will be Ryu Hyoyoung, a cold woman who desires power over love, and Son Ji Hyun, a fiercely loyal confidante of Lee Hwi and a warrior. Yang Mi Kyung will play High Queen Shim, who will do whatever it takes to keep her throne, and Son Byung Ho will play Lee Jae, an ambitious and strong supporter of Lee Kang.

“Grand Prince” is set to premiere on Saturday, March 3 on TV Chosun.

Sources: Soompi/iMBC | Viki Global TV 1 2 | @NetizenDrama
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