12:44 pm - 03/02/2018

Teaser for new weekend drama "The Good Witch"

The Good Witch stars Lee Da-hae a kind housewife who starts living a double life due to unavoidable circumstances. Her second identity is her twin sister, a stewardess who is known as “Cutting Witch” for her cold, nasty personality. Ryu Soo-young plays an intelligent and well-traveled pilot who lives a YOLO lifestyle, avoiding the possibility of a sad marriage. His life is upended when he meets Lee Da-hae’s character, and he begins to question his stance on marriage.

Despite his growing affection for Lee Da-hae, of course this love line will be complicated by the existence of her husband, played by Bae Soo-bin. He’s an unemployed bum with the gift of gab, who is excessively emotional and more invested in updating his social media than seeking employment. The airline that Ryu Soo-young works for is Hangong, a family-run conglomerate. The director of Hangong will be played by Yoon Se-ah, the hotheaded eldest daughter of the CEO. Her brother (Hangong’s CEO’s youngest son) is a mischievous troublemaker, who will be played by Ahn Woo-yeon.

The Good Witch premieres on Saturday, March 3 on SBS.

Sources: Viki Global TV | Dramabeans/Hankyung
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