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Drama Casting News

KBS’s upcoming drama “Miracle That We Met” announced that Kai will be joining the cast alongside actors Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran, and Go Chang Suk. “Miracle That We Met” will tell the fantastical story of a man who suddenly finds himself living the life of another man with whom he shares the same name and age, but with whom he has nothing else in common.

Kai will be taking on the role of Ato, the young, energetic messenger whose crucial mistake becomes the turning point in the lives of the drama’s characters. After his error proves to have disastrous consequences, Ato suffers various trials and tribulations as he attempts to set things right.

“Miracle That We Met” will be helmed by Baek Mi Kyung and Lee Hyung Min, the writing-directing team behind the hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Screenwriter Baek Mi Kyung is also known for writing “Woman of Dignity” and “My Love Eun Dong.” “Miracle That We Met” is scheduled to begin airing after the end of “Radio Romance” in April.

[Han Seungyeon, Im Semi, SF9 Rowoon and Lee Seo Won cast in About Time]

Han Seung Yeon, Im Se Mi, Lee Seo Won and SF9's Rowoon have joined tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “About Time”!

Lee Sung Kyung’s character Choi Michaela is a professional musical actress who has the unfortunate fate of being able to see a person’s lifespan. She tries to hold onto Lee Sang Yoon’s character Lee Do Ha, the chairman of a cultural foundation who is unaware of his ability to pause the countdown to Choi Michaela’s life.

Han Seung Yeon will be playing Jeon Sung Hee, Choi Michaela’s long-term best friend from college. While she has striking “girl crush”-like visuals with her tanned skin, thick eyeliner, and over-the-top accessories, Jeon Sung Hee has an extremely cute personality and a tendency to say silly things.

Im Se Mi will join the drama as Bae Soo Bong. She is the only daughter of a media tycoon and a director of Magazine Music who has gorgeous looks. Contrary to her arrogant image, she thirsts for the love of Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon) and does whatever she can to earn it. However, blinded by love, honest and bold Soo Bong slowly transforms into a master of tricks.

Lee Seo Won will play the role of Jo Jae Yoo, a musical genius “comparable to Mozart.” His character is described to be musically talented but extremely cold and picky.

Rowoon will be playing Choi Michaela's younger brother

“About Time” will premiere sometime in May after upcoming drama "You Who Forgot Poetry" concludes.

[Won Jin Ah And Moon So Ri To Join Lee Dong Wook And Jo Seung Woo In JTBC Drama]
JTBC’s upcoming medical drama “Life” has confirmed that actresses Won Jin Ah and Moon So Ri will be joining Lee Dong Wook and Cho Seung Woo in the main cast.

On February 28, Yooborn Company announced that Won Jin Ah would be appearing in “Life.” She will be taking on the leading role of Lee No Eul, a doctor working in the pediatric department. Her character will be a warm and caring person whose passion for her job stems from her love of children and sense of duty to help people. Won Jin Ah made her television acting debut through JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers” and she received high praise for her portrayal of her character.

It was also confirmed that Moon So Ri would be joining the drama. This will be her first drama in a year since “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and she is set to play Oh Sae Hwa, the head of the hospital’s neurosurgery department.

The two actresses will be joining Lee Dong Wook as Ye Jin Woo, a doctor working in the emergency medical center, and Jo Seung Woo as Ku Seung Hyo, the chief director of the hospital. “Life” will be a medical drama that depicts the power struggles and human stories that take place within a university hospital, and is set to premier this July.

[Lee Yoo Young and Kim Sun Ho cast in MBC drama special]
Actors Lee Yoo Young and Kim Seon Ho have been cast for MBC’s upcoming drama special centered around a romance between two friends.

“You Drive Me Crazy!” will be two episodes long and will air in May. The lead characters who have been friends for eight years end up sleeping together one night. Following this event, the friends struggle between love and friendship.

Lee Yoo Young’s character Eun Seong is a translator who works with Korean to French and French to Korean translations. She faces everything bravely, but also has an unpredictable side. Eun Seong becomes friends with Kim Rae Wan in college.

Kim Sun Ho’s character Kim Rae Wan is described as having good looks and a great personality to boot. He’s a rising artist and is also Eun Seong’s only male friend. Kim Rae Wan is free-spirited and open to any woman who will have him. Despite never thinking of Eun Seong as a woman, they end up sleeping together. Following this night, Kim Rae Wan ends up in a slump with his love life and work life not working out the way he wants.

The drama will be lead by Director Hyun Sol Ip who has worked on “Pride and Prejudice,” “Marriage Contract,” and more. Furthermore, rookie writer Park Mi Ryeong will be writing the script.

The first episode is scheduled to air after “The Great Tempter” ends in May.

[Park Ho San [Kaist in Prison Playbook] replaces Oh Dal Soo in My Ajusshi]

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Lots of dramas coming up in the next month or so, hopefully something can get me out of my drama rut.
vintage_boom 2nd-Mar-2018 11:50 pm (UTC)
excited to see jongin in something more his age range. he was surprisingly good in Andante and the J-Drama he did well in too (even with the show's terrible pacing issues) especially for not speaking rly any japanese.

someone check on chanyeol tho cuz everyone else in exo has stuff going on except him...

the Dongwook drama sounds interesting to.
torontok 3rd-Mar-2018 08:58 am (UTC)
I'm so conflicted because I love actor Kai but I want nothing more than for the writer of strong woman do bong soon to be set on fire and be dumped into a vat of gasoline for that homophobic, rapey mess of a shitshow. I guess I'll wait for it to finish before watching
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