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(TW) Idol C accused of sexual harassment #MeToo

The original post got deleted, but netizens and media took screenshots. Below is a summary:

[Spoiler (click to open)]The OP claimed that when she was in grade 6~7, she was called by the idol to have a talk. He locked her into a bathroom and sexually harassed her with actions like licking her ears. He threatened her that if she screamed or tried to leave, he was going to spread the story. He later threatened her on messenger to send him nude pictures, which she did. She begged him not to spread the story. In high school, she heard that A was going to debut as an idol. She was revealed because even if he still had the pictures, he couldn't do anything about them.

The OP of the original post later wrote:

Thanks to everyone who comforted me. The reason why I couldn't reveal his name was because I'm still not confident enough. I have no proofs but I know some friends who was in the same situation as me. Other Metoo assaulters denied their fault first but the fact that there are more victims coming out is an enough proof. My story is from 17 years ago, how can I have any proof? And back then, it was possible to send pictures on BuddyBuddy messenger like Kakaotalk. I'm taking down the post. It's meaningless since there are screencaps out there but I don't want anything else. I just want an apology.

Netizens are suspecting [Spoiler (click to open)]FT Island Choi Jonghoon to be the idol in question. No official statements so far.

edit from kpopkfans:
When I translated the Pann OP’s edited message, the first sentence was like “Since it’s today, I decided to take down the post.” I didn’t get what she meant by “today” and it seemed to be out of the context so I didn’t translate it. The pann is deleted so I can’t go back to check. And I just found that today is the accused idol’s birthday so perhaps she meant that but didn’t want to make it clear.

Also, from the kpopkfans comment section:
I read the post when it first came out. OP mentioned the accused dated an athlete, that he was in a boyband, was an idol, and had a reputation in school for being a bully/pervert. People just put two and two together.

sources: kpopkfans, nate, pann, @kpopkfans 1, 2
katheli 6th-Mar-2018 06:42 pm (UTC)
do netizens have any reasons to suspect that idol specifically? like are there hints in the posting? cause I googled him and 17 years ago he was like 11 years old
theonlysolution 6th-Mar-2018 07:07 pm (UTC)
Based on the timeline given it fits an idol who would have debuted sometime around 2005-2007 and may have still been in high school at the time he debuted. The victim stated it happened while she was in the sixth grade, so him being that young would fit if they were both around the same age. I saw someone who said she gave out a few hints in the comments of the pann post she posted before deleting it.

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gathyou 6th-Mar-2018 06:54 pm (UTC)
This is disgusting. I hope she's ok and that her identity isn't leaked. I'm dreading the madness that will happen once the #metoo movement really hits the idol world, and since the guessing has already begun...

Also I don't comment a lot on the #metoo posts because it makes me so angry but thank you OP for keeping us updated!
goshipgurl 6th-Mar-2018 07:44 pm (UTC)
thank you! i asked shanny for a #metoo tag because i'm sure we'll get many more of these posts in the future but she hasnt replied yet.
theonlysolution 6th-Mar-2018 07:01 pm (UTC)
ngl, I'm kind of grossed out at the amount of people on stan twt who seem kind of gleeful about #metoo hitting idols so they can accuse the ones they hate. I get being worried about crazy fangirls shouting ~but oppar didn't mean it~ and attacking the victim but the opposite doesn't seem any better, tbh.

That being said, this case creeps me out because of how young both the victim and the accused would have been at the time. It's so messed up how boys have been socialized to harass and creep on girls before they've even become teenagers.
nekobot 6th-Mar-2018 08:02 pm (UTC)
Honestly there is no need to even speculate if he was already at it this young: if she's telling the truth (and I choose to always believe women) then there is no way she was the only victim and it will give other girls the courage to step forward, and when there are several people with the same story then they are not lying. Keep into account Korean defamation laws: without proof women can be put in jail even if they're telling the truth! They have so much to lose by coming out with these stories!

I can't say anything about Jonghoon other than that he always seemed like a massive fuccboi to me so stranger things have happened.

And for anyone who is bringing out the "worried about lies and baseless accusations ruining a man's life" argument: please don't. It's just not true and if the accused is innocent his life will go on just fine (hey, probably even if he's guilty). Just remember that case a few months ago where a woman was assaulted by an idol's friend, it was a huge deal, people (mistakenly, I think) named an Infinite member, and now....no one cares! Being branded for life over a mistake mainly happens to female celebrities.
modestgoddess79 6th-Mar-2018 09:11 pm (UTC)
you are right, if he was already a harasser at that young age then there have to be more victims
audiograms 6th-Mar-2018 08:10 pm (UTC)
As a survivor my heart goes out to everyone coming forward and I hope that they stay safe.
gathyou 6th-Mar-2018 08:24 pm (UTC)
Also it's just hitting me that grade 6 would be like 11 or 12???????????? it's terrified that KIDS could already be sexually harrassing girls like this.
modestgoddess79 6th-Mar-2018 09:14 pm (UTC)
I was groped and flashed in the the 2nd grade by a group of 3rd grade boys so its definitely possible at that age
miss_suunshinee 6th-Mar-2018 09:29 pm (UTC)
certain idosl have all their pervy ways so internalized they even behave like that in front of cameras
im sure more idols names would come out ... i dont even mean those fuckboy vibes but those who literally make female idols uncomfortable with their presence *cough* sanE *cough*

i hope more victims find strength, even if this happened 10 days or 10 years ago... its never right

anonymous_loljk 6th-Mar-2018 11:38 pm (UTC)
I just... Wow. I remember how aggresive he was back then when he was one that one dating reality show. But since debut he always has this 'calm and collected' image and, compared to other members, he seemed like the least likely to cause problem so this just caught me off guard. I hope if this is true then he should apologize and get punished accordingly (though i wonder if it's possible with the system in sk and how young they were when this happened).
Also agree that i'm glad with the stream of #metoo post even though i never reply on it. I hope more and more victims gain courage to speak up and also comfort that they are not alone.
undeniablysarah 6th-Mar-2018 11:54 pm (UTC)
I hope the victims can get justice and peace. People who sexually/physically/emotionally assault others are scum.
oh_folk 7th-Mar-2018 12:08 am (UTC)
This shit enrages me; it's so pervasive. I have a hard time with these posts (I've been diagnosed with PTSD stemming from being sexually assaulted) but I know it's important to read these stories.

I hope she has support around her. Coming forward can be/is terrifying. I can't imagine having to do it on such a public level where stans/people in general can tear you apart because their bias/whoever is a precious lil cinnamon roll who is incapable of doing something heinous.

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horichansenpai 7th-Mar-2018 12:31 am (UTC)

I am disgusted and tired and I want the girl to get the justice she deserves.

kcaomei 7th-Mar-2018 02:12 am (UTC)
i'm so infuriated and exhausted by all of these men that i don't even know what to say anymore but i'm glad and proud of her for coming forward and speaking out. she deserves justice and he deserves a life of living hell
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