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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I woke up with a little tickle in throat and I am annoyed. The one time I actually make proper plans for the weekend lol. Every week I go through the past charts for this day and post the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. For two of these songs, it marks their 3rd appearance on Flashback Fridays, so I went for different versions of the songs this time. This week, we’ll see who was on top for the 2nd week of March, 2008. Went mellow and a little melodramatic for the honorable mentions today.

#3 Mighty Mouth featuring Yoon Eun Hye “I Love You”
Ah, this song! Yoon Eun Hye didn’t perform in any of the live performances of this song, so here’s a stage with singer JJ. I think this is one of the two Mighty Mouth songs that I can recognize at first listen lol. But it did well on the charts, it was up there for a few weeks.

#2 Gummy “I’m Sorry”
Gummy released the Japanese version of this song a few years later in 2011. This is the short MV of the song, the only Japanese version left on YouTube. I really wish the full video wasn’t taken down. And the director’s cut is gone too! It was like, 12 minutes long! 12 minutes of gorgeous! This 2 minute cut doesn’t do the song justice. This is my favorite Gummy look EVER. The scenes where she’s in the birdcage all dressed in white. The feathers! That hair! That makeup! I’m so sad that you can’t get the full visuals in this short. I also prefer Top’s rap in Japanese lol. The video was directed by filmmaker John Lee, and the story was by Lee and Top.

#1 Jewelry “One More Time”
I wanted a live remix of the song, and this is the only one I could find. It features Poppin Hyun Joon, who I thought only danced lol. Still such an iconic song though. The ET finger thing is still first thing that pops into my mind when I think of the group lol. And Baby J’s outfits! Such tiny shorts in all the live stages!

Honorable Mentions

#8 Shin Hye Sung & Lyn “It’s You”
They sound so good together! The chorus is lovely! I like this MV, it reminds me of a K.Will video that came out a few years ago that has the same storyline. But this one is way better.

#9 Park Hye Kyoung “Between Love And Friendship”
I like this video. I am 100% down for seeing some lady loving in an MV, either in a friendship or a relationship. With this video and the song lyrics, it could go either way. But what I’m not down for happens at :45. Is she dunking a bagel into the coffee?!? It looks like a blueberry or raisin bagel, right? I mean, it could be a donut…but the way it ripped apart makes me think it’s a bagel. I don’t know why I replayed it 50 times or why this bothers me so much. Ooh, OP is so chatty this week wtf. Anyways, she sounds so sweet! And it feels like one of those songs you belt out at karaoke and everyone sings along.

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One more time is an eternal jam.
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