4:17 am - 03/11/2018

Jung Ilhoon "Big Wave" phytoncide-inducing Album Listening Post

Track no.1: "Come Closer"
Featuring Hyunsik of BTOB

Track no.2 "Fancy Shoes"

Track no.4 "Big Wave"

Track no.5 "Always"
Featuring Jinho from PENTAGON

Source: United CUBE, Sou Kun

Solid album! "Always" is a song for his mom and the lyrics made me well-up. Be rich, my kid! Be rich!
sparkb 11th-Mar-2018 07:15 pm (UTC)
Solid album! The first time i listen to the preview of come closer, i know the lyrics wont be innocent and YEAH OFC ajsjdhsjjsjs

I still need to read the translation for Always. His lower voice right after Jinho's chorus got me shookedt

Overall its a solid album, been repeating this since its released ;~; I wish the sales is good so we'll got another solo in the future!
lechuza_yoya 11th-Mar-2018 11:03 pm (UTC)
I agreed with you two its a very solid album!!
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