11:51 pm - 03/11/2018

GOT7 & JYP on Knowing Brothers

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Sources: kshow123 / gif

The beginning is mostly just JYP roasting or getting roasted up until the 20min mark where got4 goes wild, and then it's back to JYP until around the 37min mark, and then on the 54min mark the rest of got7 arrives (yeah idk either why they weren't all there for the start).
But wow @ JYP, he's unexpectedly good and engaging at variety lol (at least one Jinyoung in the company is)

Omg the struggle at the end ...

also, there's a spoiler for LOOK's choreo at the very last minute but well, the cb will be like, pretty soon after this one gets posted anyways so...
wistfuldaydream 12th-Mar-2018 09:05 am (UTC)
JYP is pretty fun but ngl I'm kinda mad bc MarkBamJae were severely underutilised. Like the variety appeal of GOT7 is their dynamic together as 7 people why tf would you split them up??? I feel like JYP and Shindong's screentime should've been sacrificed for OT7.

Salty stanning aside, everyone was so cute! Glad extra!Jackson is back and omg poor Amerithaikong at the game. Jackson did worse than I expected lmao.

Mark and Yugyeom were super cute (and Mark was kinda hyper lmao), YOUNGJAE AND BAM WERE TOO QUIET, Jinyoung lowkey bullying JYP >>>>, JB saved the show with his twister shot at the end.
theblobmaster 12th-Mar-2018 10:53 am (UTC)
jb forever impressing me with just how bad he is at sports. that shot at the end is amazing.

i liked the episode. the boys always deserve more time on screen but i kinda get why they needed jyp there. they are a lot bigger overseas than in korea. but i think they have a fair chance of being able to carry it themselves if they go on next time.

it's one of the best episodes with an idol group. they are always so honest in their reactions and their dynamic with jyp (especially jackson) is super cute to see. and jackson and hodong was adorable to watch too.

jb and kyunghoon did not look comfortable with each other tho sadly.

and i needed more of mark, youngjae and bambam. so sad about them being there so shortly :(

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