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GOT7 "Eyes On You" Album Listening Post

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I'll edit in better videos later if there are some, hope this is ok! aaand they got deleted... replaced them with another one.

Which are your favorites from the album, Omona? I thought I had mine already settled but I keep changing my mind while listening to it
theblobmaster 12th-Mar-2018 11:06 am (UTC)
this is a good album, except for the mess that is look.

i'm loving hesitate and us a lot and of course, one and only you.

also is that jackson that opens the reason??? he sounds so good. i love when he sings. it's so comfortable and nice to listen to.
theblobmaster 12th-Mar-2018 11:32 am (UTC)
after listening to the full album a few times. i can honestly say that i love each song on it except for look.
camouflagecat Thread of eng lyrics12th-Mar-2018 11:24 am (UTC)

camouflagecat 12th-Mar-2018 11:51 am (UTC)
Okay so here's my first impression and ranking of songs from most liked to least:

1. Look
I think this is one of their best titles so far, the chorus is SO GOOD, it elevates the song from a okay-ish song to a great one. And I know and agree with that the rap line is usually the worst part of their songs but compared to other songs I think it's not too bad here. It gets the 1st spot because I'm still spellbound by the MV and from hearing it (and the chorus!!) for the first time lol.

2. One & Only You
I've listened to this song to death already so that's why it doesn't really grab me anymore, but that doesn't mean it isn't one of their stronger tracks. It's a new-ish sound for them but it suits them, the beat is really nice. And the rap-line sounds the best here?? It's an all-around good song. Hyolyn's feat is so good.

3/4. The Reason
This one surprised me, based on the preview it didn't really impress but the whole song is one of the best B-sides from a GOT7 album imo. Again, it's mostly because of the really impressive chorus, but the verses and pre-chorus sound also really nice. It has nice levels and dynamic to it which makes it interesting imo (if it pushed just a little bit more it would be amazing). I can see myself giving this a lot of plays on my iPod.

3/4. Thank You
I thought Jinyoung's song would be higher on my list but I've never been a huge fan of slow songs in kpop lol (but this one is basically a tie with The Reason. It would probably be higher if it weren't over-shadowed by the other stronger tracks on the album). But the guitar sound is really nice and the melody easy to listen to. And the fact that there's no rap-line makes it a pretty strong track (Jackson gets special shoutout for his vocals, they should make him sing a lot more). Jinyoung's songs always have this dreamy vibe to them, I like his approach to music and always look forward to his songs. And from what I heard the lyrics are dreamy and meaningful as well, I appreciate his effort in that part as well.

5. Hesitate
This one is kinda just okay. It's a one of those typical got7 B-sides that is just nice but doesn't really go anywhere.

6. Us
This one is ok, sounds very got7, has a nice rhythm to it. That's kinda it. The melody doesn't really grab me. I can't remember how it goes after I've listened to it.

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myungung 12th-Mar-2018 01:10 pm (UTC)
I only like One & Only You, Look, and Thank You (the starting guitar riffs and Mark singing!) from this album after a few listens.

the songs in this album are a little too slow for me, but I get the cohesiveness of it.
showminomoney 12th-Mar-2018 02:44 pm (UTC)
1. One & Only My fave track on the album, I've listened to it at least once a day since it dropped and I'm still not sick of it lol I wish we got a full video..
2. Look So so so much nicer without the distraction of the video. I feel like the video's a little busy with all the colours, so there was a bit of sensory overload there for me. The chorus is so fun.
3. The Reason I feel like this needed someone else on the chorus, cause it's just not working for me. I like hearing Jackson sing though.
4. Hesitate The more I listen to this the more I like it tbh. It sounds like one of those songs that they only play while you wait for the concert to start.
5. Us I like the guitar and the latin pop-esque beat, but Yugyeom sounds so whiny and grating on this to me for some reason.. I actually enjoy rap-line here though. There's a sound here at the end that reminds me of VIXX's Shangri La
6. Thank You I really like this, it's so sweet. This is gonna be really nice at concerts, it has that waving your lightsicks and lighters up in the air in unison vibe. They would be crying, I would be crying, the bird in my lightstick would be crying.

Current ranking: 1 > 2 = 6 > 4 > 5 > 3

I'd skip 3 & 5
kyokomurasaki 12th-Mar-2018 03:17 pm (UTC)
The Reason and Thank You (those harmonies!) are my standouts thus far, and I actually really love Look as a title track for them. It's fun and not a total mess so I'm definitely into it. Hopefully this is ushering a new era of Cohesive7!
daceymormont 12th-Mar-2018 06:26 pm (UTC)
It's a solid album! Got7 already won for one and only you.
And look sounds a lot better without the visuals of the mv (which I didn't even hate)
yuujinchous 12th-Mar-2018 07:44 pm (UTC)
a very solid album! i still think "one and only you" is the best song overall but i was pleasantly surprised by how much i like the rest as well! "look" is such an earworm it's crazy. admittedly i'm a little disappointed by their raps, i thought got7 had left their flight log days of weirdly inflecting their voice behind. and echoing some people here, mark's raps do kind of feel out of place but yeah. that said, the more i listen to it, the more i'm starting to actually like it!

as for the other songs, they're all really good? only "the reason" kind of feels like a filler to me. i listened to it a few times and it just goes nowhere. "thank you" on the other hand went into a completely different direction than i thought it would. i love it!!!!! "hesitation" and "us" are pretty even in my own ranking, they're both really really good songs, even though at times "us" sounds a little bit too much like "to me" from 7 for 7 but i loved that song as well so i'm not really complaining. and yugyeom clearly said it's somewhat of an extension so.

either way i'm soooooooo proud and happy about how well they're doing on the charts!! look at #8 on melon!!!!!!!!! one and only you at #13 IT'S WHAT SHE DESERVES!!!!!!!!!!! ALL SONGS FROM THE ALBUM IN THE TOP 30!!!!!!!!!! YAY
camouflagecat 12th-Mar-2018 08:01 pm (UTC)
Watching the charts is unreal! Also the MV just hit 4mil?? WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!

#6 ON MELON!!!!!

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yuujinchous 12th-Mar-2018 08:14 pm (UTC)
all songs in the top 21 wooooooow!!! fans are working so hard
camouflagecat 12th-Mar-2018 08:18 pm (UTC)
Honestly this is nervewrecking and exciting at the same time following it in real time. But they really deserve everything that's happening. This is their best title yet and on top of that it's made by Jaebum ;___; the members themselves were in disbelief on their IGs/twitter not too long ago, imagine how they must feel! ;_________;
yuujinchous 12th-Mar-2018 08:26 pm (UTC)
ikr it's not too bad for me since it's just 9pm here but i feel a little for all kfans and everyone else in a similar timezone lmao ;; everyone is trying to stay awake to follow updates in real-time. got7's updates made me so emo, i hope they can still get a little bit of sleep though! and then hopefully wake up to even better results heheh :'')
camouflagecat 12th-Mar-2018 08:33 pm (UTC)
It's 10.30pm here hah. I don't know if the boys will be able to get any sleep tonight (I wouldn't tbh!). I still got work tomorrow but I know I'll be waking up (late) to my twitter being a mess over whatever results we'll be having in the morning lol. It's just so easy to get caught up following the charts in real time especially if they keep getting better. Gotta have to try and get some sleep anyways lol.
yuujinchous 12th-Mar-2018 08:48 pm (UTC)
i hope you get some sleep then too!! heheh especially since there's still lots of got7 content to come out tomorrow
camouflagecat 12th-Mar-2018 09:01 pm (UTC)
Somehow I always forget how hectic the start of a comeback is lol.

Hope you get some sleep too!
windsonnetss 12th-Mar-2018 11:35 pm (UTC)
US is straight up reggaeton and the "To Me" of this era. I wish them the best, the only thing i hate is the artwork.
mortkero 13th-Mar-2018 03:04 am (UTC)
Oooh I think i might take time for me to settle on my ranking list, but firstly the songs are better than I thought they would be based on the album teaser

This is so my kind of music.

I'm drawn to hesitate, the singing is great!

US is a little bit grate-y, Yugyeom and JBs bit, there's a bit that's really smooth the "you don't know" bit (is it Jinyoung or Youngjae?). The rap is not too much well until they English bits, 'good girls gone bad'?? I winced.

I really like the starting bit of Thank You, but then it got to the loud bit (umm bridge? Pre choru?s I'm bad at naming song parts) and I am not so keen on that bit, or the I'm sorry but actually, but I like most of the rest of it and the music is good, but I'm listening to it right now and think I wont be one I will listen a lot to. I think hesitate is more listenable.

For now

Ranking is
Eyes on you
The other three around the same, maybe thank you slightly higher.
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