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Run BTS! Ep 43 & 44 - Test of Five Senses

Episode 43
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Episode 44
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lemonadetea 15th-Mar-2018 01:11 am (UTC)
My favorite thing about these was groggy Jin cooking in his pajamas. His soy sauce woes are very relatable.
rainstormraider 15th-Mar-2018 01:27 am (UTC)
These two episodes were so simple and still cute af. I hope Suga loses again, I want to see him in every BT21 costume. He looks adorbs.
V being so cold he ignored RM’s monologue is hilarious. Jimin is honestly the cutest. J-Hope stuffing Suga’s face was so funny. Jin is such a sweetheart.

I find it interesting that the ones who have their own studios and are plugged into production recognized the voices best.

And of course Jungkook is flawless.

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meggicchi 15th-Mar-2018 02:49 am (UTC)
we're getting bts posts non-stop lol.

loved these episodes, i wish the producers gave them some gross stuffs to taste/touch/smell ngl lmao. and they get so competitive over nothing like, why??
seokjin was cute while preparing food in his pajamas. all of their pajamas are always so cute though, i'm jealous :[ vmon were adorable too
jazzygyu 15th-Mar-2018 03:24 am (UTC)
I've only gotten a chance to watch episode 43 but I love how Jhope kept almost getting it right for the hearing and smelling games but second guessed himself and got it wrong lol

Edit: watching episode 44, why does Jungkook just randomly smell jhope and v lol. It was cute watching Jin pack lunches for V and RM.

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chaehocheol 15th-Mar-2018 10:55 pm (UTC)

Re: your edit, I guess he’s very sensitive to smells and has been seen/filmed/caught sniffing food/drinks before ingesting lol but tbh I don’t have an explanation for sniffing the members other than Jungkook is a weirdo.

chaehocheol 15th-Mar-2018 03:29 am (UTC)

Both of these episodes made up for the slightly boring games with how ridiculously competitive they are over nothing. Jungkook’s prize of persimmons about sums it up. No need to shout, boys.

Jin up at the crack of dawn in his pjs making food for Tae and Joon’s mountain climb was the purest thing I’ve ever seen. Also I would like to apply for that job. If I get to see Tae that early in the morning in his silk jammies and hear Namjoon’s husky voice woooooooow 😩

mc1a 15th-Mar-2018 04:28 pm (UTC)
Also I would like to apply for that job. If I get to see Tae that early in the morning in his silk jammies and hear Namjoon’s husky voice woooooooow 😩

It was legit mesmerizing to see and hear them like that. Wow what an honor for the camera guy. Does he even realize what he witnessed?
katheli 15th-Mar-2018 09:47 am (UTC)
the games here were slightly boring but the boys make it entertaining. the difference between Suga carefully feeding Jimin and then Hoseok just shoving rice into his mouth, I thought he'd choke.

Jungkook just sniffs people, apparently lol

I awwwed when Tae accidentally "found" Jimin in the first ep and Namjoon was like, it's your soulmate!
swegkitten 15th-Mar-2018 09:48 am (UTC)
jin telling namjoon to laugh cos he's been cooking for over an hour and namjoon complying in the most half assed way possible is a whole mood

I'm honestly so soft for these boys
mc1a 15th-Mar-2018 04:37 pm (UTC)
I agree with others saying the games were kinda boring but I appreciate the boys making it fun. I'm impressed with them guessing the stacked pictures, it would have taken me ages to figure out what was there.

I must never hear Namjoon's half-sleepy voice again. I like it here in Taehyung's lane seeing his half-asleep gorgeous face. youtubelargo collect your man.

I'm hoping that the Burn The Stage release means they won't have time to record any more Run episodes and altho I will miss their stupid faces I'm hoping that time goes into preparing the new album/resting #wishfulthinking
jackieee94 15th-Mar-2018 07:52 pm (UTC)
I throughly enjoyed these two episodes. It’s hilarious to see them get so competitive amongst each other. Holy fuck at Namjoon’s morning voice, I don’t know how many times I went back and listened to it again.
yxerin 15th-Mar-2018 08:07 pm (UTC)
me during ep 44 and the vmon hike at the end: 😚
me when tae scratched his balls on camera for a solid ten seconds while drinking soda at 4 o'clock in the morning: 😦
me when i had to watch ppl on tumblr call his ball-scratching cute: 😨

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welljustguess 17th-Mar-2018 02:24 am (UTC)

The few times when I realize that bangtan are so much younger than me. I would be too lazy to follow the games excitedly like that (i see you namjoon).
Jimin looks so slim.

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