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Netmarble Games Becomes 2nd Largest Shareholder Of Big Hit Entertainment

Netmarble Games and Big Hit Entertainment have further expanded their partnership!

Previously in February, chairman Bang Joon Hyuk of Netmarble Games announced the cinematic game BTS World.

It has now been revealed that Netmarble Games has acquired 25.71 percent of Big Hit Entertainment’s shares, worth 201.4 billion won (approximately $189.3 million), becoming the second largest shareholder. The investment was made to increase their influence in the global music and game industries and to expand the business synergy of the two companies.

Big Hit Entertainment stated, “We are happy that a global business like Netmarble is participating as a main shareholder of Big Hit Entertainment. More stable operation has become possible by working with an investor that has both a financial perspective and strategic viewpoint. We believe that it will be very helpful in the future to work with Netmarble, which has sufficient experience with intellectual property rights in the game industry.”

Netmarble Games commented, “Big Hit Entertainment is a rapidly growing company that has been collaborating in the game business with Netmarble. We anticipate that the synergy effect between Netmarble and Big Hit Entertainment will expand further with this investment.”

Source: Naver via Soompi

BTS also joined other celebrities in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination by posting a link to a countdown to #DreamStillLives on twitter.
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