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Zion.T live in the US/Canada wrap-up post

Zion.T wrapped up his first solo tour in North America, and we're going to look back at some of the highlights!

Tour setlist

Show reviews
New York

The tour began with... enjoying some wine and playing tourist in New York

Zion.T and his friend/keyboardist Joonwoo had a late-night bedtime jam sesh after the Dallas show (note: the video title says San Jose but it was posted on his instagram story around midnight the night of the Dallas show)

In LA, he took time to teach the audience some important Korean phrases:

A special guest appeared during the encore, and you can probably all guess who it was:


Fanaccount kind of
(These are all from the Dallas show btw)
  • I wish I understood Korean better because he was bantery with the audience and apparently pretty funny. Anytime anybody yelled out anything like "I love you!" or whatever he would say "thank you!" in this weird high-pitched voice lol I was like what are you doing
  • During Yanghwa Bridge, he changed the lyric from "my mom and dad, even my dog" to "even my cat" - shoutout to Namu! 🐱
  • He called the audience "Mr. Crush" during his part in Just 💜
  • When he did Just for the encore, he made us sing the ending "nananana~" part like 5 times because I guess he was really feeling it lol, he was running around stage and beatboxing and stuff and kept saying "sorry, one more time" 😅
  • He was LITERALLY CRYING behind his sunglasses during Wishes, like I could see the tears y'all and he wiped his face with a towel afterwards 😭
  • The group photo had a fair amount of people in total but he took time to sign things, talk to everyone, take selfies, give hugs etc., which 1. I was totally not expecting considering how shy/awkward he can be and 2. he absolutely did not have to; most group photos you pretty much just snap your pic and keep it moving
  • There was a girl at the show from Mexico and he asked her how to say thank you in Spanish, so she told him "gracias" and he said it back to her and like his accent was surprisingly good?
  • He is a small boi; I'm 5'5" and I'd say he's about 5'8" (~173cm)?
  • I'm still just a tiny bit salty that Crush wasn't at the Dallas show when he was just in Texas for SXSW but I don't blame him, I'd rather be in LA than Dallas too sorry Dallas

    Did any other Omonians see him on tour? Which shows?

    KpopMeEnt facebook; ziontdaily tumblr; zion.t daily youtube; ziontfans twitter 1, 2, 3; clubeskimoo instagram; jennipug instagram; ziont instagram;; Click on Detroit; paint_it_yellow youtube 1, 2
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