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CUBE Ent. Wins Back 'Big 4' Title?

✨April 3rd marked Shin Dae Nam's first full year as the CEO of Cube Entertainment.
✨Within this year, they saw a return in profits, restoration of staff confidence, and promotion of their artists' songwriting/composition skills.
✨A CUBE Ent. concert including HyunA, BTOB, Pentagon, CLC, Pentagon, Yoo Seon Ho, Lee Hwi Jae, etc. is planned for June.
✨Cube Ent.'s sales increased by 24% to 24.4 billion won
✨Under Shin, the company transformed a 5.7 billion won deficit in 2016 to an operating profit of 211.1 million won
✨Shin started his career as a reporter, then as Yedang Media president
✨Recalled internal conflicts including fraud among management and staff when he first took his position at CUBE
✨Shin rejected the staff's proposed 3,000-seat venue for BTOB's concert, opting for the 12,000-seat KINTEX stadium, which then sold out for the concert's two nights.
✨Shin encourages lyric-writing, composing, and producing lessons for CUBE's artists who have not actively participated in songwriting. He states, "Someone who understands how a song is composed can better interpret and convey the song to others."
✨CUBE's artists have also played a large role in restoring confidence in the company in the past year, with BTOB hitting #1 on music charts with "Missing You" and CLC and Pentagon finding popularity overseas.
✨Financial success still a work in progress with a current net profit of -997 million won, with deficits due to a merger involving subsidiary Starline Ent. last year
✨CUBE Ent. world tour hopefully in the works as a long-term goal

Most recent release: 'Lip & Hip' (December 2017)

Most recent release: 새벽 'Lonely' (January 2018)

Most recent release: 그리워하다 'Missing You' (October 2017)

Most recent release: 'Black Dress' (February 2018)

Most recent release: 빛니리 'Shine' (April 2018)

Jang Hyunseung
Most recent release: 니가 처음이야 'Ma First' (May 2015)

IDLE (new girl group with Jeon So Yeon to debut 2018)
Jeon So Yeon
Most recent release: 'Idle Song' (February 2018)

Female Trainees (Minnie & Miyeon)

+ CUBE Chicks
Lai Guan Lin
Most recent release: 'BOOMERANG' as part of Wanna One

Yoo Seon Ho
Future solo release: April 2018

Jo Woo Chan
Most recent release: 'OGZ' in collaboration with Park Hyun Jin and Achillo of Starship Ent.

Lee Hwi Jae (joined March 2018)

Source: Naver (summarized by yours truly), 1theK / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7, Beast YT, @cubeunited, 일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브 / Best covers, CJENMUSIC YT, YOO SEONHO YT

Has CUBE earned its way back into your heart?
Tags: #1, btob, clc, cube entertainment, economics, hyuna, jo kwon, pentagon, pre-debut
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