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In Today's WTF News: JYP Denies Being In A Religious Cult

A salvation assembly?

I paid for the place, and the bible study meeting I taught is a salvation meeting?

100 people gathered to listen to my lecture, and some of them, called "Salvation", wanted to listen to my lecture and sat down. Is that a salvation gathering?

I have no connection with the business of the so-called "Salvation" group in my personal or JYP entertainment company.

How can you be responsible for the damage that you have inflicted on me and my company?

Four years ago, a friend and two of us gathered together twice a week to study the Bible. The friend of the friend and the friend of the friend were added. But this is the so-called "Salvation" gathering?

I will upload my testimonial, so please take a closer look. If there is a legal or ethical problem in my content, your coverage will be reasonable, but if not, you will be liable for all damages you have suffered.

It's being alleged that actor Bae Yong Joon, JYP & his wife are in a religious cult, which was founded by Yoo Byung Eun, aka the guy who owned the Sewol Ferry, and the uncle of Park Jin Young's wife

Source: @asiansoul_jyp via My Translation
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