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AOA confirms comeback date and opens up an Instagram

Girl group AOA is making their comeback on May 28!

On May 10, FNC Entertainment reported that AOA has confirmed their comeback date. In addition, they will return as a 6-member group, after Choa’s departure from the group last year.

This is their first time returning since their ‘Excuse Me’ promotions last year. Since then, Choa announced her departure from the group, and the members mainly focused on individual activities. Seolhyun and Mina focused on their acting careers, while Jimin released new solo albms. Furthermore, Hyejung and Chanmi appeared in variety shows, and Yuna became the new main vocalist since Choa’s departure.

Meanwhile, AOA also opened their official Instagram account.

source: KPopLove via Osen & official_team_aoa IG
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