9:44 am - 05/15/2018

PSY Leaves YG Entertainment After 8 Years

PSY has parted ways with YG Entertainment.

On May 15, the agency revealed through an official statement, “YG Entertainment and PSY have decided to conclude our exclusive contract. Through deep conversations with PSY, YG Entertainment has decided to respect PSY’s thoughts of craving new challenges.

The statement continues, “YG and PSY have been together with special trust for the past eight years. We provided endless support to PSY’s overflowing energy and passion for music, and we were also moved together as ‘Gangnam Style’ gained worldwide popularity.”

“Regardless of an exclusive contract, YG and PSY’s close relationship will last forever. We are cheering on PSY’s great new beginnings and wish for his health and happiness. We express our deep gratitude to the fans who have loved PSY as a YG artist until now,” YG Entertainment concludes.

PSY signed with YG Entertainment in 2010 and renewed his contract once to spend a total of eight years at the company.

Source: soompi, osen, officialpsy
sra_interesante 15th-May-2018 08:50 am (UTC)
End of an era ....

now you bet yg gonna milk other groups

specially with bigbang in the army
he was one of company breadwinners
timetobegin 15th-May-2018 10:07 am (UTC)
YG's gonna have to do something now that their biggest acts are gone/on hiatus, but I doubt that'll result in them giving more attention to their current groups? IKON and Winner maybe, definitely not BP.
timetobegin 15th-May-2018 10:05 am (UTC)
Has it been 8 years? Christ
dior_chic 15th-May-2018 10:45 am (UTC)
Good for him! I'm always happy for artists leaving YG
typhlogirl 15th-May-2018 10:49 am (UTC)
Yes sis, flee that sinking ship! #fuckYG
theonlysolution 15th-May-2018 10:55 am (UTC)
ngl I find it funny how r/kpop thinks this is a dramatic huge blow to YG when it looks like Koreans are more interested in mocking Yoochun over his breakup and some rising actress not wanting to deal with reporters at the airport.
kenziekinz09 15th-May-2018 05:13 pm (UTC)
Koreans are more interested in mocking Yoochun over his breakup” Where can I join in? Lol
miss_suunshinee 15th-May-2018 06:18 pm (UTC)
you read [and trust?] netizenbuzz biased translations i see ..... i bet you believe hyuna is a slut and T-ara are bullies like that blogs always wanted western fans to believe


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stephantasm 16th-May-2018 05:31 pm (UTC)
this comment is doing the most
benihime99 16th-May-2018 05:45 pm (UTC)
this user always is
aures 15th-May-2018 12:06 pm (UTC)
psy after reading about YGs finances:

vintage_boom 15th-May-2018 12:38 pm (UTC)
Good for Psy. I wonder if he’ll sign with a smaller agency for a better cut or if he’ll start his own.

YGE keeps taking those Ls
xlovexlessxtyx 15th-May-2018 02:42 pm (UTC)
Whew. What a mighty Tuesday indeed.

Not really a huge fan of his music, but good for you sis! Fly free!
scionofawhisper 15th-May-2018 03:02 pm (UTC)
Now YG is gonna focus more on his beef restaurants and all his other investments, lmao.

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mikachi613 15th-May-2018 03:03 pm (UTC)
Maybe YG will take the hint and change the way they promote their artists?
youtubelargo 15th-May-2018 03:14 pm (UTC)
If this doesn't change his management, I think there's no way he maintains Big 3 status, at least.
mikachi613 15th-May-2018 03:18 pm (UTC)
After those last profit margin loss reports, something's gotta give. They're dumb, but not that dumb.

I really hope he doesn't wreck Akdong Musician, they're great and I feel like if Lee Hi leaves, they might too.
youtubelargo 15th-May-2018 03:40 pm (UTC)
I mean, anyone with a brain can see that his artists are being mismanaged. The writing was on the wall for me when Chanhyuk went into the army so early - AKMU was probably YGs most consistently releasing artist and STILL he bailed. CL is leaking her own shit and making her irritation very clear. Every one of their currently running bands' fans have had to make demands of YG through promise statements in the past two years.

I'm hoping that the BLACKPINK comeback happens and sells well enough to knock some goddamn sense into them, but seeing as we're halfway through May and have no promo, I'm not optimistic anymore.
vintage_boom 15th-May-2018 06:29 pm (UTC)
HDU they did a SPRITE commercial!!! that's all they need!!! /s

but seeing the fan demands in the last post about BP...did they really not even finish releasing their BP House show? wow
youtubelargo 15th-May-2018 07:00 pm (UTC)
I don't watch a whole lot of variety/keep up with that side of Blackpink too much, so I may be wrong, but I think the situation is that BLACKPINK House was promised an extra episode if streaming numbers hit a certain level. They did bc we Blinks have nothing else to do, and yet, shocker, no special episode.
vintage_boom 15th-May-2018 07:19 pm (UTC)
ah ok! that makes a little more sense than just not airing the actual last episode. guess they maxed out budget/footage they had and couldn't put an ep together after the fact.
allsugarfree 15th-May-2018 03:30 pm (UTC)
So that is why BP is preparing for a comeback
kaykaydelight 15th-May-2018 04:59 pm (UTC)
Good; and I hope artist continue to leave. BlackPink should head on over to SM to really stick it to uYGly while also giving us the BlackVelvet sub unit we deserve.
youtubelargo 15th-May-2018 05:17 pm (UTC)
Honestly I want Hyolyn to take all of YG's women over to her agency. Really stick it to people.
vintage_boom 15th-May-2018 07:28 pm (UTC)
that agency would be so powerful i'd buy everything they put out.
miss_suunshinee 15th-May-2018 06:21 pm (UTC)
after how sm ignore fx members and used red velvet during jjong mourning .... i really doubt they know how to treat any girlgroup ... sm isnt any better than yg
yxerin 16th-May-2018 06:14 pm (UTC)
psy's throwing out the trash in his life as part of the (not so new) year, inspirational. ever since i learned abt the anti-american song incident i've developed an odd liking for the dude, hopefully he can go back to spitting fire abt the horrors of american imperialism again
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