3:21 pm - 07/11/2018

SME Continues To Be In Everyone's Business: Launches Sneaker Collab


Girls' Generation, EXO-CBX Limited Edition sneakers released in August!

Girls' Generation and EXO-CBX-designed limited edition sneakers will be available in August 2018.

The sneakers that the Singapore sneaker brand YSNEAKERS and SM Entertainment's culture street brand ASTELL & ASPR collaborated were produced by the limited special edition that Girls' Generation Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri and EXO-CBX participated in from planning to design and sampling. .

Artists who participated in this work said, "It was my first time to design sneakers myself, but it was a very different and fun experience." Also, the images of their behind-the-scenes footage are also posted on the YSNEAKERS official homepage and various social networking sites. It is forecast.

This collation product has created a unique customized pattern and color of leather that artists have chosen, and YSNEAKERS 'know-how with handmade handmade craftsmanship makes it possible to meet high quality products A good response is expected.

In addition, this limited edition sneakers will be sold worldwide on August through YSNEAKERS official homepage. Prior to this, the preorder will be held from July 25th, and there will be free shipping around the world and promotion of first-come-first-served Is expected.

YSNEAKERS is a sneakers brand of luxury men's footwear brand based in Singapore. Diamond Walker is a sneakers brand. With its unique design and years of experience, ASTELL & ASPR is introducing innovative customized products. Is a culture street brand of SM that proposes various lifestyle products to express your own personality.

source: SMTOWN, YSNEAKER Youtube and SME's Press Hu

speaking of streetwear, Baekhyun's first drop for Privé happened last week. did you buy anything? i did not cuz its ugly
missshallelujah 11th-Jul-2018 09:28 pm (UTC)
get that money! for what i could tell they look less ugly than i expected lol

privé's clothes i can do myself with a stamping machine lol and the company seems a bit sus so no way i'm spending 80$ on a sweatshirt
snowphone 11th-Jul-2018 10:28 pm (UTC)
i literally have a post drafted for the launch privé by bbh but i'm too lazy to refine it lol
vintage_boom 11th-Jul-2018 10:54 pm (UTC)
the launch was apparently a shitshow :/ none of it looks appealing to me
snowphone 11th-Jul-2018 11:59 pm (UTC)
That is the spirit of my post! But yeah it looks so budget at first I was gonna cop for the love of baekhyun but like.... the stuff looks so cheap and privé is sketchy
vintage_boom 12th-Jul-2018 12:03 am (UTC)
i get the desire to want to make it accessible but this partnership is very clearly a cash grab on the collaborators side, the same as having Kai on the cover of the magazine he was curating. It's very "I need seed money to make this venture profitable" so lets stick a kpop artists in it.

maybe the quality will get better but it all looks not goo. I'm also still side eyeing the choice of baekhyun for this but whatever clearly he's the most popular member rn so being best for the job wouldn't matter anyway.
baekpedaling 12th-Jul-2018 07:46 pm (UTC)
I bought a sweater I'll let yall know if it sucks.
I was already upset about the sizing. There's no need to have men and women's sixing when actual unisex sizing exists
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