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MASC's Chibin accuses a hyung of assaulting him, his friend claims it's fellow bandmember ACE

MASC’s Chibin has uploaded a mysterious but concerning post on social media about assault and abuse.

On July 26, he wrote on Instagram, “You’ve committed a crime and it seems like you want to run away. It seems like you don’t intend to apologize at all for the scars you gave me physically and emotionally that day, hyung. You’re the only one I unfollowed, hyung, and you ask me why? Because it gave me chills to think of you uploading comments like nothing happened. I think that you’re reading this. If I look okay to you, that’s a huge mistake. Every time I lie down at night with the lights off, I think of that day. The scars I see on my face in the mirror, don’t think that they were nothing or belong in the past. I can never forget that day. The day when my blood fell in drops like rain and I crouched on the floor crying.”

The identity of the person, whom Chibin referred to only as hyung [the term by which younger males address older males, usually indicative of a close relationship], was not revealed in the post.

[...] A friend of his talked to Insight, sending pictures of the aftermath of the assault and saying that the ‘hyung’ in question was fellow member ACE.

According to the friend, Chibin said the assault by ACE went down back on March 8 when they used to live together at a dorm. As far as the attack itself, the friend says ACE hit Chibin with an umbrella, resulting in the injuries depicted in the pictures the friend sent to the media outlet. MASC’s company, J Planet Entertainment, has yet to address any of this mess.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

sources: soompi, osen, @grambin, asianjunkie, insight
Tags: trigger warning
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