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MONSTA X Shownu and Wonho for GQ Korea August Issue

[GQ Korea Interview]

Monsta X’s Shownu and Wonho: “We are the coolest right now”. Monsta X’s Shownu is recently worried about his future. Wonho wishes to put time in his hands. Every day is hot in the lives of 4-year-old idols.

Q: It’s nice that we started the interview from above the tree branches. If it wasn’t for the photoshoot today, what do you think you would have been doing?
Wonho: This is Yi-chon-dong Hangang Park, so I guess Shownu would have been wakeboarding?
Shownu: Ah, I think I’ve abandoned wakeboarding from my list of hobbies recently. Haha. I guess it’s because Monsta X has a Japanese music video to film tomorrow, so I guess I would have been practising.

Q: It’s just a few days before your Bangkok stop of your concert ‘The Connect’. Is it true that idols have no time to even be lazy?
Wonho: Hehe. I do that about twice/thrice in a month? Be lazy? I will push back the things I have to do, like exercise or producing, and think 'ah, should I rest today?’.
Shownu: Even so, Wonho works really hard when it comes to exercising. For me, I exercise out of obligation but Wonho seems to do it out of passion. He invests a lot of his time into it, so he does it more passionately.
Wonho: There are times where I think exercising is not fun and is in fact painful. To exercise, I have to wake up 1-2 hours before everyone else. Since that’s just how it is all the time, if I were to skip exercising, the precious time would probably be spent really carelessly…

Q: According to Shownu’s observations, what is a merit that only Wonho has that he might not even know it himself?
Shownu: When he gets stuck on something he focuses only on it. No matter if it’s exercise or song-making, once he's determined, he’s kind of the kind to have to see it till its end? But I don't really think this is a merit he’s not aware of. You know it, right?
Wonho: Yeah.
Shownu: I would say it’s his most characteristic merit.

Q: What about a merit that Shownu wouldn’t know of himself?
Wonho: Shownu is an entirely different person from all the people I've met up till now. Should I say he's the most tolerant person I’ve seen? People who don't know him may find him passive or cold, but when it comes to people that know him, they’d know that when it comes to everyone he meets, even if they were to make mistakes, he wouldn’t make it obvious, and accept all of it, and has a personality that matches up/fits with everyone. That part of his personality is quite big.
Shownu: I’m hearing less of it now as compared to before, but it is a merit that I’m aware of, hehe.

Q: You are now a 4-year-old idol. Do you remember what is the most euphoric moment since Monsta X’s debut?
Wonho: About 10 days after our debut, we were performing at Dream Concert. The stage was humongous, and the audience was large. It was a time where people didn’t know much about us. Shownu and I started the stage with a dance break by just the two of us. I felt the cheers of the audience in my skin as if I’d been shocked with electricity, wow…

Q: Out of all the many things that happened after your debut, what would be a moment that you wish you could remember in slow-motion?
Shownu: The times where we did our overseas concert tour? Europe, South America, the US – these are countries that are difficult to go to, and thinking about when would be the next time we would find ourselves in these places, I sometimes think I would like if time passed by slower (when we are there).
Wonho: There were about a dozen friends who were preparing for debut with me back then. I would choose the moment where I would walk down from the company to have food with my friends. Somehow I’m filled with emotions. Even now, when I think about it, I think I’m a little sad, and my heart feels like it’s completely filled up.

Q: If I were to meet myself at that point of time, what would I have said to myself?
Wonho: “Get along better with the kids/guys.” I thought we were all going to debut back then, but it wasn’t the case… Some of them have gone to the army, some of them are not even contactable…
Shownu: “That is not really important right now.” Hehe. Back then I hated the camera and didn’t know any tricks, and I was so absorbed in only my dancing and singing, and even with those, I also practised for things that weren’t even important for broadcast.

Q: If you were to imagine a moment of the feeling “I’ve really succeeded”, what sort of picture would you draw?
Shownu: A few days ago I was watching Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s concert in Amsterdam. I hope that someone else watching me would be able to feel the emotions that I felt when I was watching them. Wouldn’t that be considered feeling successful?

Q: Do you have a worry that’s slightly bothering you?
Wonho: The album producing that I’ve been pushing back.
Shownu: The future. I’ve been working hard with my daily life, and Monsta X is doing well, but I want to have more concrete certainty about the future, but it’s not easy. I think I’ve just been putting it off by telling myself “you can think about it tomorrow”.

Q: If you were to choose the one thing that is necessary for the 4-year-old idol Monsta X?
Shownu: Cosmetic CF? Hehe.

Wonho: The company to become listed? Hehe (T/N: Not sure if he meant an award from the company or for the company to be listed as they use the same word)
Shownu: I think it’s great to have the time to think about this. Even though we’ve been doing the overseas tours without a single rest, I think we also need some time to backtrack and think about the time before. “Will we do well if we run only look forward?” I’ve had these thoughts too.

Q: Aside from being an idol, what do you think is the one thing that is the most important to the 27-year-old me?
Wonho: Time! It’s time. I’m running out of time. I wish my time wouldn’t go as quickly as it does for everyone else. I hope my time goes by slower. Because I always don’t have enough time, I end up sleeping late because I take the time from sleeping to produce. But if I keep doing that, my condition will be poor in the future, and I won’t be able to do things properly when the time calls for it.
Shownu: If we were talking about being really personal, then it would be a car and a house!

Q: If we were to give Wonho 10 hours of free time right now, what would you be doing?
Wonho: Wouldn’t I be going to my family? It’s not that I miss them, but I think my mum would miss me very much.

Q: Is there a variety program that Shownu wants to try to be on?
Shownu: To be honest, I would like to be more invested in Monsta X. The people around me always tell me “you’re really fun, you’re so funny”, but even as they say that, every time I go on variety and try to be funny, I always mess up, and because they would always laugh at strange timings, at some point I think if these people are mocking me… Haha. Variety is still a very challenging thing to me.

Q: Right now, it seems that in the process of clinching the name of an idol, you’d have to go out onto variety and gain some popularity. With that being the current situation, do you feel some sort of stress/burden? And if you were given the chance to analyse each and every one of Monsta X’s strengths?
Shownu:There is a kind of special energy that comes out only from our performance. With that as a stepping stone, I hope the members’ individuality can be shown more.
Wonho: Amongst all the promoting idols… to be honest, wouldn’t we be the best in terms of the physical? Hehehe. It’ll be great if we could make an impression like that.

Q: At what age do you think you are/would be the coolest?
Wonho: I think it's right now.
Shownu: Ah, I was going to say 42 years old, but I think I like Wonho's answer more.

Source: GQ Korea
Translated by @kihyunghyuks

Sources: GQ Korea | @kihyunghyuks

This concept... thank you very much. Wish we had gotten more pictures because they look GOOD so I'm hoping they'll release the b-cuts and/or a behind the scenes video!
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