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Agency Employee Accused Of Assaulting Girl Group Members

It was recently revealed that an unnamed agency director referred to as “A”, who is 37 years old, was booked without detention for assault.

According to a source from the Cheongju Heungdeok Police Station, A is suspected of throwing a punch at his agency’s girl group member B. This happened at a hotel parking lot in Cheongju on July 29 around 2:30 a.m. KST.

A also shoved singer C down to the ground. Both B and C have since received treatment at a hospital for hurting their heads and other injuries. The police report reveals that A was drunk at the time of the assault.

B told the police “A said that he didn’t like my attitude and assaulted me.”

The police are currently investigating the details of the case.

Sources: @soompi, edaily yonhap via soompi
Tags: blind items, crime
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