juhli (juhli) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Korea Music Festival 2018 under controversy after selling backstage footages without consent

According to South Korean news agency Insight, [KMF] management has been showing backstage clips of K-Pop idols preparing for their stage performance to fans who paid to see them. [...] the idols had no idea that they were being filmed and seem to have found it disturbing when they found out.

Sources: kpopmap, @kdaniel9600, @apink0419trans, @daktothebal, @shmesm

The topic is trending on Pann and has also been picked up on Naver. It' been 24 hours since the issue has been raised and there's no response from KMF yet. Besides Apink, there's footage of various other acts like Twice, Shinee, Victon and Wanna One.
Tags: apink, festival
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