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Korea Broadcasting Actors Union Joins KEMA In Boycott Of Fantagio

The boycott against Fantagio has expanded further. According to SportsSeoul, KEMA sent a notice to its members on August 8 sharing that the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union (KBAU) is joining the boycott.

KBAU chairman Kim Joon Mo stated, “After checking KEMA’s official notice on this Fantagio situation, we support KEMA’s stance as it is a severe issue that harms the foundation of the industry, and we will actively participate in the boycott.”

He continued, “KBAU currently consists of about 5,000 people in five divisions (television actors, voice actors, comedians, stage actors, action actors) and is the country’s only labor union for this specific industry, so this decision was made for the development of popular culture and to immediately straighten out this Fantagio situation along with KCIF and KEMA.”

Sources: @soompi, SportsSeoul via soompi
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