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Blacklisted Sungjong Fansite accuses Woollim of selling private info about their artists to fansites

She's also accussing Woollim of treating Sungjong poorly, but at least one instance is debunked.

Springflowers (the fansite) is a popular Sungjong fansite that recently got blacklisted. They probably did buy private info and engage in sasaeng-behaviour. They are accusing Woollim managers of selling the info. There's also no full translation of the fansite-account yet. Apart from this accusation, Springflowers also accuses the company of treating Sungjong poorly and threatens to sue (not sure whom). Woollim has only responded with the announcement of Sunggyu's Shine Live Album Preorder till now.

Source: 93springflowers via sweetsungyeoI, deereye_yeol, piayounges, sync606, Gyu_qiela
Tags: cray cray sasaengs, crazy fans, infinite, woollim entertainment
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