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7 K-Pop songs with questionable lyrics

While browsing Youtube late at night I came across a video by user SinB Ssi, which listed several songs by various artists with more than questionable lyrics, such as sexism, body shaming or cheating. I'm re-posting some of the songs mentioned in the video, more are at the source. This post should be a friendly reminder to not blindly sing along to your fave songs, but to actually look up the lyrics (if you don't speak Korean). Also, most K-pop artists don't get to choose their songs, so instead of critizing them for the lyrics we should blame their company and the songwriters for making them sing such lyrics.


Artist/Song: Infinite - Inconvenient Truth
Written by: Sweetune
Lyrics: This song is about some insecure guy trying to control his girlfriend, telling her not to wear short clothes because other guys might stare at her and that's a no-no. "People are stealing glances at you / I's embarrassing, what's wrong with you? / I like it if it's only in front of me / Do this only in front of me / Stop being so stubborn, I'll try to trust you more / It's way too low-cut, what's up with showing all that skin? / Be careful when you stoop down low / You're gonna show everything underneath / I can see everything, what's wrong with you? / Who are you doing this for?"

Artist/Song: BTS - War Of Hormone
Written by: Pdogg, Supreme Boi, RM, Suga, J-Hope
Lyrics: A song that objectifies women and basically says that boys will be boys, they just can't help it. In BTS' defense, their label has apologized for the lyrics after the release. "Girls are like an equation, us guys just do them / Girls are the best present / I don't care about girls, I'll play once & say goodbye / Her hair, body, waist, legs / Even her other unspeakable parts / Saying I don't care would be ridiculous as a guy / Girl, your temptations keep me away from my computer every night / Because of who? Because of girls / Because of what? Because of hormones / Because of what? Because I'm a guy / Because I'm a guy? Because you're a girl"

Artist/Song: JYP - Who's Your Mama?
Written by: JYP, Jessi
Lyrics: I think everybody knows what the song is about. JYP himself, a guy in his 40s, is singing about butts and lusting over some very young girls in his MV, with more than one close-up of their behind. "No matter how pretty she is, if there isn't enough back / She didn't catch my eye / If she has long straight hair / Skinny enough to be blown away by the wind / I can't give her my heart / Waist so thin but hips so big / That it's hard to find pants that fit"


Artist/Song: DIA - My Friend's Boyfriend
Written by: Shinsadong Tiger, Polar Bear, Monster Factory, LE
Lyrics: The song is about a girl being in love with her friend's boyfriend and stealing him away from her. "I'm sorry but I took him from you / I love it ah ah ah ah / I'm your, I'm your, I'm your another girlfriend / Between you and me / You're my just friend, you're my boyfriend"

Artist/Song: Taeyang - Only Look At Me
Written by: Teddy
Lyrics: This song is about a guy telling his woman that even if he cheats on her, even if he falls in love with another woman, she should never forget him and only care about him. "Even if I cheat, don't you cheat, baby / Even if I forget you, don't you ever forget me, lady / If once in a while I don't contact you & I go out to drink / Even if I ever meet another girl's gaze / Only look at me"

Artist/Song: B1A4 - Baby Good Night
Written by: Jung Jinyoung, Baro
Lyrics: This might sound like a fun and cute song, but the lyrics basically are about a boy telling his girl to stay at home and not to worry about him when he goes out and cheat on her, because he will come back to her the next day. "I will deceive you just for today / I will go back when the day passes / Even if I don't respond or respond late / Even if you hate me, please overlook it / Tonight I'm a bad boy / I'm allowed to play like this sometimes / Because I can go back to you tomorrow / Sorry"

Body image

Artist/Song: Hyomin - Nice Body
Written by: D.C. Kang, Loco
Lyrics: According to the lyrics, a nice body is not a healthy one, but one that is skinny and hot. "Any women goes on a diet at least once / My body is a nice nice body / Legs are very slim, with my hot waist / Any man would wish for such a woman / Any man, as if they're all the same, love pretty women / Every man thinks about sex at least once"

sources: youtube SinB Ssi, MBK Entertainment Official 1, 2, BIGBANG, 1theK 1, 2, Kyotaegisub, jypentertainment
Tags: b1a4, body image, bts, dia, hyomin, infinite, jessi, jyp, omona discussion, sexism, taeyang
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