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Nigerian-American Rapper Tobi Lou references to Vernon in latest MV + chronicle of their friendship

The reference starts @ 0:47 min! The flying unicorn/Lady Rainicorn is in reference to Vernon's insta-profile picture. The comic figure is wearing the same clothes as Vernon on KCON (which Tobi Lou attended) and him waving is in reference to Vernon's enthusiastic reaction, when he saw Tobi Lou in the audience. The City of Vernon water tank is a call-back to one of Tobi's own insta-posts when he was jamming to Seventeen's track Check-In while coincidentally coming across that water tank.

[A run-down of their ´fanship´/friendship (Media heavy)]Back in June, Vernon recommended fans to listen to all of Tobi Lou's songs and saying how he was a big fan of him.

After that, Seventeen fans started to check out Tobi Lou and people started to tweet him about it, so Tobi Lou thanked Vernon on his twitter, checked out Seventeen's songs and became a fan as well.

This post was alsoreposted on Seventeen's official IG and Vernon's biggest supporter Seungkwan promptly commented with "wow 👏👏👏".

At the end of July Vernon opened his own IG and Tobi quickly started to follow him.

At the beginning of August, Tobi announced that he'd be going to KCON LA.

Meanwhile, Vernon kept recommending fans songs from Tobi during fansigns.

During that time, it seems like Tobi already had the idea of referencing him in the MV.

Then, KCON came...

Vernon saw Tobi in the audience.

And they started talking on IG. Also, Vernon's mom started following Tobi on insta too. Which was followed by Tobi telling his mom to follow Vernon's mom back too lol.

It came to a point where Seungkwan himself demanded a collab.

While Seventeen were in LA, Vernon and Tobi managed to meet two times (that we know of). Tobi also showed Vernon his studio and introduced him to his MV director/editor @glassface_.

(what is this phone case you ask? That story would need it's own post...should I make one?)

After Seventeen returned to Korea, they talked about Tobi Lou on a VLIVE. Below is the video message Vernon did for Tobi, but if you want to hear them talk more about it (especially how they were shocked that Tobi was older than all of them haha), here's a link to the fully subbed VLIVE. It starts at 06:16 min.

Tobi is apparently a language genius, because he's already responding to Seungkwan in Korean lol.

Which gets us to today, the day of the MV release :-)

Source: @ohmywonwoo, @tobilou, SyupeoMIN, vernstagram, boonontrxsh, soonsvt

This whole thing that's been going on for the last 2-3 months has been really positive and sweet, hope they'll get to make a collab someday!
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