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SHA SHA's Wanlin rushed to hospital after fainting during comeback showcase

SHA SHA held a comeback showcase for their second single album “What The Heck” on August 23. This was their first comeback since three members had departed from the group in July, and the three new members, Hakyung, Chaki, and Wanlin, were excited to introduce themselves.

Near the end of the showcase, Wanlin suddenly lost consciousness and fainted while on stage. Some of the other members burst into tears as they were shocked by what had happened and were unsure of what to do. MC Ding Dong helped as staff members rushed to the stage to tend to Wanlin.

The showcase was quickly wrapped up as Wanlin was rushed to the hospital. A source from SHA SHA’s agency stated, “Wanlin has not been well since this morning. However, she expressed a strong desire to stand on stage despite not feeling well.” Explaining that the added nerves of the showcase possibly exacerbated her condition, the representative continued to state that they will be providing an update to her condition after she has been examined by doctors at the hospital.

Sources: TongTongTV, Naver via soompi
Tags: health
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