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5 Idols that Can Play Traditional East Asian Instruments

Yuqi [(G)I-DLE] - Guzheng

Yuqi has studied Chinese Opera dance and guzheng since she was young, as seen by her childhood photos here.

Jieqiong (Pristin/I.O.I) - Pipa

Jieqiong attended a high school affiliated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and specialized in pipa.

Himchan (BAP) - Janggu, Daegeum, Ggwaenggari, and Jing

Himchan has an educational background in traditional Korean music. He attended the National Korean Traditional Music Junior High School, National Korean Traditional Music High School, and majored in traditional arts at Korea National University of Arts.

Jeongyeon (TWICE) - Janggu

Jeongyeon learnt how to play janggu when she was in elementary school, but admits to being out of practice since she hasn’t played in a while.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) - Janggu

Jisoo learnt how to play janggu in middle school, but like Jeongyeon, she admits to being out of practice.

Source: dingo music, IDLE SUBS, like oxygen, 360 Entertainment, starkingsbs, ipfs, ALL THE K-POP, Jisoo Kim

Omona, do you know any other idols who can play traditional instruments? Did you learn any growing up?
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