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NeonPunch gets "pranked" by their CEO telling them they needed to disband

The video was made as part of a promotion for an upcoming exhibition in Seoul to help people deal with failures.

Beginning interview part

Q: originally what was your dream?
NP: to be a singer, I'd watch music shows and dance beside my parents

Hidden cam part

[neon punch going to office after schedules finish]

CEO: not sure how to say this, I don't think neon punch's future looks too good. I think neon punch needs to disband. I'll let you guys take a moment and come back to talk to you one on one.

CEO: i didn't want things to turn out this way..

Bekah: i'm really sad~

CEO: as the leader, what do you think dayeon?

DY: i want to continue.. we all worked so hard..

Ian: we have a strong team right now so I want to continue

May: we want to go at it again..

BA: if I have to wait, then i'll wait.. i want to wait

CEO: if you have to go back to being a trainee?

BA: yeah, since that is whats left, I'll keep on training

CEO: i have one message I want to leave for you
[reading letter: neon punch you're doing good. don't get discouraged and don't give up. a challenge to cross failures - fail expo (name of the event this is promoting for)]

After reveal part

NP: We were really surprised, my heart dropped like a feel just before you die, i just kept thinking i dont know what i should do

CEO: This was for the Ministry of Interior and Safety for people that are experiencing failure and discouragement to see how people cope.

Q: what kind of significance was it to experience this failure?

Ian: at first I didn't have courage to do it again, but after some time and thinking about it, because I love this kind of work so much, i thought i could keep going.
even failing, I was thinking how can we overcome this. it was a precious feeling. with a heart that must try again, let's never give up. Whether its 7, 70 or 700 years, because we'll be together forever. I hope we can live happily like now leaning on each other a lot. Love you.

Source: 내가 좋아서 하는덕질, eriye900
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